Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Scenester Guide: From Punk Rock Formals to Mexican Fiestas to Milk Music / Multiplex Roundup: Cars 2

With Final Fridays art and a wealth of music choices, there are surely sights and sounds to please all manner of scenesters and townies today.

Why not start early at the Granada's Punk Rock formal, which begins at 1:00. Is there any way to know what time which bands are playing? Doubtful. But if you stick around long enough you'll eventually hear Baby Boomers, and their scenester buzz is strong right now.

We've showcased a handful of art shows this week, but we've saved our buddies at Wonder Fair for today (since scenester memory is short). The "first ever group exhibition by the Wonder Fair Family" makes these promises:

"We will lift the mystery of the Wonder Fair Family Crest; share our secrets, hopes and dreams. You will laugh and you will cry. You will shake your head and close your eyes, then open them again. You will ask, “why” and we will respond, “why not?” You will wish you never came, but then later, you will be so glad you did."

Chip: "How much later?"

And this "special offer" is surely too good to resist:

"With the purchase of any Wonder Fair Family print, you'll receive an official Certification of Membership & have your photograph taken for the Wonder Fair Family Tree."

Then pop over to Quinton's Q5 Gallery upstairs to check out Leo Hayden's portrait of Neil Gaiman. We'll be the geeks standing in front of it discussing HBO's future adaptation of American Gods.

Meanwhile, over at St. John's Mexican Fiesta, townies will be waiting in line for an hour to score a taco (it's usually hot out there on the asphalt, but it's a pretty fucking good taco).

We'll be down at the Replay matinee for an evening with some of Larryville's elder statesmen of the singer-songwriter scene: Jon Harrison, Matt Suggs, Danny Pound. Expect their soothing sounds to be almost completely drowned out by the drone of scenesters reminiscing about all the bands these guys used to play in ("Which was better: Vitreous Humor or Butterglory?").

If you're younger and hipper, stick around for the late show with Mouthbreathers. Say hello to our once and hopefully future music critic Johnny Hamms while you're there. Tonight's headliner (which might or might not be the headliner, since it's the Replay) is Milk Music. They get a nice blurb from

"The source material is most obvious on "Be Here Now" as the lead singer bursts into the fuzz and riff worshiping with a damaged-Westerbergian cry that made songs like "Unsatisfied" memorable."

Richard: "They had me at 'Westerbergian.'"

Or you can end your evening on a considerably mellower vibe by getting nice and baked and hitting the midnight Big Lebowski screening at Liberty Hall. We'd prefer Wiseau's The Room, easily the hippest midnight movie of the moment, but we take comfort in the fact that plenty of young dudes still want to get fucked up and quote the Coens.

Chip: "Lebowski makes me laugh to beat the band. Parts, anyway."


After a long reign of perfect summer films, it seems that PIXAR, with Cars 2, has finally delivered a clunker (get it?).

Here's a selection of critical responses that amuse us.

A.O. Scott says of Larry the Cable Guy's Mater: "Pixar has now found its redneck Jar-Jar Binks. Such a proud moment."

A few sentences later, though, Scott is willing to give PIXAR the benefit of the doubt: "...maybe I’m misinterpreting the movie and underestimating Pixar’s capacity for subversiveness. Maybe “Cars 2” is a dystopian allegory for an era of ecological anxiety."

Maybe, Scott. But we're pretty sure it's just a bunch of Larry the Cable Guy jokes coupled with PIXAR's admittedly amazing animation.

Richard: "I plan to wait till DVD and watch it without the sound."

Chip: "I find the Cable Guy witty."

Ebert, however, finds the film much more impressive than Scott.

"At one point, in a shot so brief you don't want to blink, we even learn that the Popemobile travels in its own Popemobile. This inspires the theological puzzle of whether the one inside is the pope. One of my fellow viewers said she didn't even see a Popemobile. Maybe I dreamed it."

Richard: "Damn it, Roger. Now I want to see it just to look for that Popemobile!"

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