Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Doctor Dinosaur at Replay / Concept Album of the Week / "Uncensored" Poster for Fincher's Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

When we saw that Doctor Dinosaur was playing at the Replay tonight, we said to ourselves, "This band is likely to be adorable." So we began our research, and here is what we learned.

1) Doctor Dinosaur is from Tucson, and its members combine their names with those of dinosaurs:


2) They have a cute song called "Artbeat" with some "shoo bi doo's" on it.

3) Hospital Ships' Jordan Geiger is listed as the opening act, so you'll presumably get a chance to hear the Lonely Twin songs in a stripped-down format. We hope he's got his dummy in tow, which totally freaks us out. Here's a photo we snapped of it yesterday in Love Garden while buying the new album:

We can't get enough of preposterous concept albums, so we're thrashing out today with Fucked Up's 78-minute rock opera David Comes to Life, which receives a very high 8.6 from Pitchfork:

"The story of David Comes to Life is fairly complicated and, at points, heavily meta. It concerns a factory worker named David Eliade who falls in love with a woman named Veronica Boisson. They conspire to build a bomb together and death, destruction, and redemption follow; along the way, the story's narrator does battle with David for control of the plot...the story is largely told by the band's screaming frontman, Damien Abraham, aka Pink Eyes... you will need a few listens and a lyric sheet to apprehend David Comes to Life's ambition and follow its labyrinthine storyline."

Chip: "I think I'd rather just read a book."

Richard: "First it made me think. Then it made me mosh."


An "uncensored" poster for David Fincher's American remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has hit the webs and it's getting plenty of attention due to Rooney Mara's boobies (click to enlarge the poster and the breasts):

Our feminist readers: "This is Hollywood at its absolute worst. The books are powerful and raging indictments of female sexual exploitation, and yet the poster engages in that very thing."

Chip: "I understand your point, ladies, but I'm totally going to beat off to this poster today."


Ashley said...

All I can say is OMG. Seriously???And, BTW, I think Rooney's boobs are a bit bigger than readers of the books are led to believe Lisbeth's are(pre-surgery).
Tell me again why Hollywood had to go and mess up a perfectly fine foreign film?

Pippi said...

Because Americans can't be expected to watch a subtitled film! But at least Fincher's directing and, based on the "leaked" trailer, it looks exactly like Seven!