Monday, June 13, 2011

Kickball Romance Under the Lights at Hobbs / Concert Review: The Jenny Mules at Replay / Captain Chanute Brings News From Brooklyn

Let's start with the talk of the town this morning, and congratulate a happy couple: Billy Gay Cyrus proposed to Broadzilla on the kickball field at the Game of the Week! (also, congrats to Late Fees on winning the game).

Personally, we won't be satisfied unless the marriage itself takes place in the same location, officiated (naturally) by the official local kickball Pooh Bear:


As usual, we missed all the action at Hobbs, since we were situated in front of the stage at the Replay for a matinee show by The Jenny Mules. This five-piece honky-tonk outfit (with a little folk/bluegrass/alt-country tossed in for good measure) was new to us, but they seem to have emerged on the scene fully-formed and professional (their young drummer also rocks local stages, significantly louder, in Up The Academy: check the sidebar for their Tuesday show featuring free PB&J and sweet tea at Love Garden!).

We dug both the Jenny Mules' originals (something about drinking shots in the Mississippi mud) and their well-picked selection of covers (a Bad Blake tune from Crazy Heart; an early Gillian Welch song; a pitch-perfect reading of The Gourds' "El Paso"-- "I'm gonna dance with a strawberry girl, gonna dance with a strawberry girl.").

Here are the Jenny Mules (click to enlarge). We're pretty sure it's a rule that at least one member of every matinee Replay band must play barefoot. (Chip: "Isn't that a little dangerous, since the Replay floor is no doubt littered with broken glass, blood, vomit, and syringes?").

And here's the headline band, Claxton (a new incarnation of Brent Berry and friends). Note the barefoot fiddle player.

Chip: "If we're being honest here, I should admit that I have a total barefoot lady fiddle player fetish. Is that normal?"

Richard: "Yes."


Our foreign correspondent Captain Chanute sent us this short missive over the weekend:

"I'll be damned if I didn't see the lead singer of Rooftop Vigilantes in Hipsterland last night! Yep. Apparently Oscar has moved to NYC a mere 7 days ago and is now serving up tacos in a truck in Williamsburg. He hooked me up with a freebie and even remembered my connection to the Professor [King Tosser]. Classy guy that Oscar."

We hope that the Captain will be on the scene this weekend at what promises to be one of the hippest events in the history of hipsterdom: the Northside Festival in Brooklyn. Get the scoop here .

"Never has absolutely nothing been done with more style and determination than in early twenty-first-century Williamsburg, Brooklyn." --David Goodwillie, American Subversive

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