Saturday, June 25, 2011

We Look at Photos of Naked People at Final Fridays / Saturday Scenester Picks: Sleepy Kitty at Jackpot and Actors and Actresses at Replay

Our happiest discovery during last night's Final Friday was Daniel Coburn's Object: Affection opening at the Arts Center:

"The model is asked to participate in a photo shoot, and to approach the situation with the intent of making a photograph for a lover, significant other, or an ideal mate. Coburn’s long-term goal for this project is to study a widely diverse cross-section of people in an effort to understand how age, race, gender, sexual orientation and varying social/economic backgrounds affect a person’s approach and reaction to the process of self-objectification."

Chip: "If I were writing the press release for this exhibit, I'd advertise it as 'photos of a bunch of not-necessarily-very-sexy people in their underwear.' Because that's what it is. And there are even some titties on display."

Readers, he's correct. We had a rare attack of conscience during this exhibit and felt weird about taking our own photos of these very intimate photos to use for cheap boner jokes (but rest assured we had boners during this exhibit, although Chip was a little uncomfortable looking at photos of other men with boners). We encourage you to visit the Arts Center as soon as possible. And check out Aaron Stork's "Wizard Porch" while you're there (although the night's biggest disappointment was that Stork was not perched on the porch in full wizard regalia: why not?).

For those of you too lazy to get to the Arts Center, you can see a gallery of Object: Affection photos here


We all know and love Cowboy Indian Bear and The Hips, but what about Sleepy Kitty, who will join them for a triple-threat Jackpot show this evening? A search for the band immediately uncovers a bunch of adorable Youtube videos of sleepy kittens, but if you persevere you can find actual information about the band, which was formerly an art project (always a good sign).

They are a duo whose work "gives full voice both to Brubeck’s sweet ba-ba harmonies and the Mark-E-Phone, a vocal distortion device she built herself."

We're suckers for homemade instruments and band with cute names, so this looks like a winner to us. Look at them:

But Larryville's druggier scenesters might prefer the action across the street, where Actors and Actresses will "straddle the line between slowcore and the most esoteric shoegaze, their boyish vocals bubbling up from beneath their textural treatises...If you’re looking for a pop song, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’ve come to be gently lifted aloft, levitated by cascading guitars and mysterious moods." (Big Takeover).

Richard: "Well, I AM looking for a pop song, so I better stick with The Hips and Cowboy Indian Bear."

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