Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brownback Bagel Art / Final Fridays Coverage: Wonder Fair / Adam Mansbach's Go the To Sleep

This morning we spotted an interesting photo of Governor Brownback on the LJ-World site, in which he's just about to enjoy a nice bagel. Notice how the photographer carefully centers the Governor's head in the circle on the Life Sciences Summit poster, creating a sort of halo effect that posits Brownback as a saint of science (and an enemy of art!).

We passed the photo along to our Twitter followers and @Beer_Attack promptly added some amusing captions to it on his Tumblr page, which you can see here .Here's one of many from his site:

We're hoping that Brownback Bagel Art becomes a new local phenomenon (and perhaps a show of its own at a future Final Friday).


And speaking of Final Fridays, let's check in with Wonder Fair, which is hosting 'Face Space Tees - an interactive printing event":

"Gallery goers will transform blank tees into individualized wearable portraits by choosing from an a la carte menu of facial features designed and printed by members of the Wonder Fair Family. The menu will include 4 different noses, mouths, pairs of eyes, and a bonus mystery facial feature - 16 choices, hundreds of possibilities! In addition to designing the face on their shirt, gallery goers may either provide their own blank tee for free or purchase them at the event from a selection [of] hand tie dyed shirts in summery colors. Pricing for this event is as follows : Hand tie dyed shirt................... 7$ Each Facial Feature....................2$ per"

Chip: "I wonder how much they'd charge to draw my nose as a boner. I'd be willing to pay a dollar an inch. If they draw it 'actual size,' it should run me about $10.25."


If you pay attention to publishing phenomenons, you've heard about Adam Mansbach's children's book for adults, Go the Fuck to Sleep, which isn't out until October but is already rocketing to the top of Amazon's pre-order best-seller list. According to a recent NY-Times piece, parents are drawn like catnip to the book's "subversive," it-says-what-we-all-are-thinking appeal. Here's an excerpt:

All the kids from day care are in dreamland.
The froggie has made his last leap.
Hell no, you can’t go to the bathroom.
You know where you can go? The fuck to sleep.

Apparently, movie rights have been sold as well, which strikes us as the dumbest idea since the Twitter-feed Shit My Dad Says was turned into a television show. We envision a film version in which Seth Rogen plays a new dad, a slacker type who, in a burst of exhaustion, tells his son to "go the fuck to sleep" and then spends the rest of the film learning how to become a responsible father.

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