Friday, January 22, 2010

Website Pick of the Weekend: / Hipster Band of the Day: Pet Comfort

If you're a fratboy, you've got a lot to do, such as pounding Jagermeister shots and pounding sorostitutes. Certainly you don't have time to create your own mix-CD to complement your many activities.

Luckily, can take care of that for you. Thanks to yesterday's Jayplay for tipping us off to this site which contains a variety of playlists suitable for any occasion. The "After Party" mix, for instance, contains gems such as "I Wanna Fuck You Dirty" by Akon and Snoop Dog's "Sexual Seduction." Other mixes include "Bro'ing Out" and the "Throwback Rap Mix." Sure, the site caters to a very particular demographic, but these easy pre-mixed playlists might occasionally prove useful to the rest of us as well.

King Tosser: "My 'after parties' are about to get a whole lot sexier!"

Chip: "The 'For the ladies' playlist is about to become the official soundtrack to my sex life."

Richard: "Personally, I'm skeptical of the site. Some of the playlists don't contain a single Dave Matthews Band or Jack Johnson tune, obviously making them ill-suited to frat boys, and one of them contains The Band's "The Weight." If you can find me a single frat boy who knows who The Band is, I' a fucking Jaeger shot with him."


KC's Pet Comfort takes the stage at the Taproom tonight, which must mean they are hip, although the Pitch's description of their sound is a bit vague:

"...accessible enough for a suburban sports-bar crowd yet complex enough to intrigue people who live and breathe rock and roll."

Chip: "I'll consider checking them out...when they play at a suburban sports bar."

Richard: I find their Myspace logo adorable, so I might head to the TapRoom."


Not So Anonymous Anymore said...

Frat boys, schmat boys. I'm taking this blog over, R. Nogger. Here is a little something I saw in the internets that would make even the most uninformed consumer of NBC sitcoms chuckle. To begin with, Parks and Recreation is a lovable sitcom starring SNL's Amy Poehler and traces the zany antics of the Pawnee, Indiana Parks and Recreation Dept. Their foibles are well-suited to those who missed The Office with its quirky dialogue and its inside jokes that dare flirt with the camera. However, things were not always as they seemed for the cast. Watch this audition video and see how P&R was nearly headed not by Amy Poehler but by the B the O the B the B the Y DIGITAL! That's right; RZA himself was the front runner for the part of Leslie Knope, enjoy.

Pastor J doesn't wish a takeover said...

We all need to be healed.

We live in a world under the dominion of success stories and celebrities—celebrities who are not just in the prime of their life when they get their picture taken, but who have hired airbrush artists to cover their blemishes. In those pictures none of the turmoil of life shows through. Our culture is saturated with those images.

How can anyone feel pretty next to those?

aziz ansari said...

My new stand-up special is very funny!


(also, I wish we could replace the cast of EVERY NBC program with members of the Wu-Tang...but especially fucking Leno!).

cl.thier said...

As a dyed in the wool frat boy (Social Chair AND Rush Chair!) who loves Jager and is married to a sorority girl, I say, "UP with!"

Now let's go do some Jager, Richard, as I owned The Last Waltz in high school and was not under the misconception that Music from the Big Pink was the soundtrack to an all lesbian porno.

tears of rage said...

Haha...that lesbian porno line is worthy of Chip Himself!

(guess I'm doing a Jager shot).

cl.thier said...

One lifetime goal achieved!

John K said... is pretty awesome. check out one of my other favorites for college music,