Monday, January 11, 2010

The Boys Check In With PitchWeekly's Concert Reviews

Larryville's Rooftop Vigilantes are so buzzworthy these days that the Pitch recently sent over one of their KC correspondents to check them out on a bitterly cold evening at the Replay.

Here are a few choice quotes from the review:

"Seeing Rooftop Vigilantes at the Replay Lounge is like seeing a panda in its native China chomping on bamboo in a forest. It's a natural habitat: a terrarium of indie rock."

Chip: "The difference is that, unlike wild animals, the Vigilantes don't have to remain in their 'terrarium' and are instead allowed to roam freely around Larryville, frightening the rest of us."

"Rooftop Vigilantes closed with their ramshackle cover of the Replacements' "Can't Hardly Wait," which always incites toasting and woo-ing from the members of the audience familiar with the song and probably convinces those who aren't that it's a damn fine original."

Richard: "Is it possible that anyone at the Replay at that hour of the evening would NOT be familiar with that song and, if so, why were they allowed in the Replay in the first place? That seems like a lapse in hipster security more shocking than the 'underwear bomber.'"

"The most notable change in Rooftop Vigilantes' stage show is that you can finally hear Hannah Hyde's farfisa."

King Tosser: "Part of the RV's considerable charm, for me, has always been that the pretty girl's stately keyboards were completely obscured by the ruckus surrounding her. This seems a step in the wrong direction."

The Honorable Reverend C: "I'd consider giving them another chance if they'd guarantee I could hear the farfisa."

Richard: "I've still never actually seen the Vigilantes, though I've seen at least eight other bands that seem to consist of the same members."

Chip: "Who are these other characters on the blog? They won't be stealing my sex jokes will they? And what the hell is a farfisa? I thought it was a female body part. Or am I thinking about a 'clitoris?"

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opposite day! said...

I prefer the Basement can always hear their farfisa player very clearly.