Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Boys Check In With Style Scout to Figure out What's "In" In 2010!

Larryville barely has any black people, much less any black hipsters (well, there is that one dude at the know the one we mean...with the cowboy hat and never without a Bud Light bottle in his hand...that dude is pretty cool). But the most recent "Style Scout" at (scouted by LC-favorite Katy Seib.l, who is still hot in 2010!) offers us a rare look at one local African-American hip-hop DJ/Toy Store employee.

Phil Canty, who "enjoy[s] heather grey tops and colored socks," offers up some of our personal favorite answers to the Scout's perennial questions of what he wants to see more and less of in Larryville.

Phil would like to see more "Brown people and more girls in suspenders and bow ties. I think unisex is always kind of hot. Mullets on boys and girls. Also, more people in unwashed/raw denim. I'm tired of seeing whiskers and light fades. Lastly, real fur is always dope, despite what might be hip in Lawrence."

Chip: "He's right about mullets, but unisex fashion sometimes confuses my boners."

And what does Phil want less of in Larryville? "I'd like to see less dirty dudes with flannel thinking they're fly and hating frat dudes feeling entitled. I feel like since there are so many like them, they feel like it's hot. Wrong. On the flip side, I'd like to see less people pretending they're being modest. Don't masquerade. Ball out and be proud."

Richard: " 'Ball out and be proud' is also the official motto of the LC in 2010."

Ladies, is Phil fashionable, or isn't he?


beth said...

I'm gonna vote "out." The tan shoes with skinny jeans just make his feet look strange. And those glasses are so five minutes ago.

Mindi said...

I second Beth completely. In fact, those were my exact thoughts. No on the glasses and the shoes.

fly ass glasses said...

We love when the ladies vote!

But we must note: this guy is part of the growing local "nerd rap" scene, best understood through Greg Enemy's much-played-on-KJHK tune "Fly Ass Glasses" (in fact, this guy may BE Greg Enemy). We vote "in!"

Caravaggio Red said...

Yes to mullets. Like Kristen Stewart's Joan Jett. . .not like my own unfortunate inadvertent mullet of years past.

EW said...

Nah, he's "in." I'm not a fan, nor am I a fan of his silly attitude (entitled = no; loud and proud = yes; I get it, but...), but he's "in."

Wallabees are *always* in if you are (a) a black man or (b) someone between 16 and 29. They must be smartly-kept, tho, and his are. Yes, Wallabees can look like clown shoes when paired with skinny jeans, but things were really no different in the 80s when they were coming out on the hip hop scene ( The Bees are supposed to be ubiquitous.

And when I was in NYC last week, those glasses (in solid black, admittedly) were EVERYWHERE. Big -- not just thick -- black frames were EVERYWHERE. So he's up on that. And hoodies are still hot for some strange reason; they're getting paired outdoors with peacoats right now as opposed to the sport coats of 2004 et passim.

And the subdued hues are in. Bright colors were big in 2007 and 2008, but they started to fade out in 2009 (sadly, imho).

There are two things I would note as detractions: Bro needs to get some product in that hair STAT. And for all his kvetching about unwashed denim, I detect some thigh-fade on his own that probably isn't from years and years of wear... And he can sod off if he thinks I'm going to toss out my perfectly-good-albeit-whiskered-and-faded jeans from 2003. I'm wearing these shits til they rip apart, cool be damned.