Thursday, January 28, 2010

If It's Thursday, It Must Be Time for Style Scout! / This Week in Bluegrass News / And the Boys Check in With Their Old Friend Dr. C!

The boys have been fascinated by local ukulele-strumming songstress Hawley Shoffner since encountering her at the Farmer's Ball two years ago (she won, of course). Today she's featured on's "Style Scout," and it's as intriguing as you might expect.

Hawley describes her style as: "Gussied-up grandma. I like to wear plaid skirts, knee highs and tucked-in shirts (I almost always button the top button on button-down shirts) with old lady accessories ("Hopalong Cassidy" ring, my grandma's pearls, diamond earrings, a gaudy gold bracelet, etc.)" And as for her fashion influences: "Anna Karina's plaid skirts in "Band of Outsiders," Gena Rowlands' large sunglasses in "Opening Night," Katharine Hepburn's trousers, and French Yé-yé girls."

Richard: "Okay, did this woman really just reference Godard and Cassavetes in the same sentence? I think I'd like to get together and discuss some Bertolucci, perhaps while reenacting certain moments from Last Tango in Paris, if you catch my meaning."

Chip: "I don't, at all. But I'm fascinated by her comment about how she'd like to see "more bars with TVs so I can easily watch my sports programs." This chick needs to get out of Henry's once in awhile. Even the TapRoom has a TV, for goodness' sake, where she can watch her sporting contests."

Hawley's Style Scout photo is fantastic (click to enlarge). Let's take a look, followed by commentary from some of the LC's new characters.

Honorable Reverend H: "I find her carefully-cultivated schoolgirl look disturbing, a little disturbing."

Captain Chanute: "I find her carefully-cultivated schoolgirl look gives me a boner the size of southeast Kansas."


For a brief time, Dempseys Burger Stand was home not only to pompous sandwiches ("I'll have the Tuscan Goat Burger with duck-fat fries, please!") but also to weekly bluegrass nights. Sadly, the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) threatened to fine the venue due to performances of copyrighted material at these open-mic affairs (Dempsey's is an unlicensed venue for live music, it seems).

Cl.thier: "Is this what happened to my monthly gigs at the Yacht Club?"

Luckily, the Granada has agreed to play host to a monthly bluegrass jam (Mudstomp Mondays), so you can still hear plenty covers of John Hartford's "Steam-powered aeroplane" in town (but not while eating a goatburger).

Today's offers the full scoop along with an excellent picture of local jammer Dave Barnhill. Surely you've met him many times at the Replay's Sunday evening shows:


Our good friend Dr. C. is back in action lately at his blog, Stately Pleasure Domes. Check him out here:

His newest entry offers a look at "naughty librarian" fantasies that will certainly be of interest to many of our LC-readers. Here's an excerpt, in which the transition from the academic to the 'low-brow' makes Chip giggle:

"The naughty librarian, by virtue of beginning as a symbol of the proper, unreachable, and asexual that is then corrupted into a lusty voluptuary, reenacts this essential fantasy. Consider, for example, the beginning of Horny Licking Librarian...".

Dr. C, we miss you at Quinton's and are using your link to download a copy of Horny Licking Librarian as we speak!


hots on for olympia dukakis! said...

Haley had some real potential for me, even overlooking her shapeless knees. But then I ran into "Gena Rowlands". Ah, naughty schoolgirl juxtaposed with Gena Rowlands. I can literally taste the bubble gum-flavored black lung. Maybe Haley is into Requiem for a Dream-era Ellen Burstyn as well. Schwing!

Dr. C said...

Wow, it's nice to get recognized in so prestigious a venue as this. I'm glad you appreciate my low brow/high brow transitions--that's what I really love, too.

I miss Quinton's nights, too--it's hard to find a group of people so enjoyable to hang out with as y'all, so now I pretty much drink alone.

I miss the waitresses and sorostitutes, too, but at least the Jazzhaus posts cool pics.

Dr. C said...

And this week's style scout is pretty sweet. No way she's a grandma. Pearls, yes, but almost everything else says schoolgirl, for sure.

Do these people dress for the pictures, or are they just stopped on the street, as is?

style scout scam said...

Supposedly they are stopped as is, but somehow I believe they are tipped off the night before ("Haley, you _might_ be scouted tomorrow. Dress accordingly").