Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is It Art, or Isn't It? (Is Back in 2010!).

The Kansas city artist known as DBJ is renowned for his annual massive "snow creations." This year's is called "B-Lizard" (get it: blizzard! photo below). DBJ describes his process in the Pitch:

"What I love about snow creating is that it gives me the opportunity to not only share something with the community on a wide level, but also to give something away. That 'something' is in terms of creativity, inspiration and the fact that the art will eventually go away."

Chip: " Forttt Scottt, 'snow art' simply means pissing your name in the snow. But I think I like this kind of snow art, simply because it does go away. Most art is so frustratingly permanent."

Richard: "I'm sculpting a sorostitute (a snow-rostitute, get it!) in my parking lot, but don't try to bang her, Chip, or your cock might freeze."