Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Boys Consider This Weekend's Grammy Awards / Geek Band of the Week / More Eddie Money Coverage!

In the album of the year category, the boys have two favorites this year: the Dave Matthews Band's Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King and Lady Gaga's The Fame.

Here's an excerpt from Matthews' "Shake Me Like a Monkey" off the new record:

can't stop thinking 'bout you
Yeah yeah yeah
Why would I want to
I like my coffee with toast and
Jelly but I'd rather be licking
From your back to your belly

Richard: "I've said a lot of bad things about Dave Matthews over the years, about how his frat boy anthems have served as the background to a lot of evenings of date-raping, but I think we can see that he's really matured as a songwriter with this new effort."

Chip: "It seems strange to limit his licking to that particular area, back to belly, and I think it's ultimately suggestive of a kind of innocence that belies the seemingly explicit sexual nature of the song."

But more likely to win is Lady Gaga, whose song "Poker Face" has been omnipresent. Here are a few lyrics:

"I won't tell you that I love you
kiss or hug you
cause I'm bluffin' with my muffin
I'm not lyin' I'm just stunnin' with my love-glue gunnin'"

Chip: "I hate when girls bluff with their muffins, but I love this song. And did you know there's a parody of this song called "No Poker Face" (which has become very popular down in Forttt Scottt) that is performed by Megan Phelps of that gay-hating Topeka congregation. There's even a video, which you may want to check out (perhaps not while at work). Basically it's about how God hates "Lady Gay-Gay," and will destroy her. Megan's dance moves are surprisingly awesome:


But maybe you're looking for a band that's a little out of the mainstream? Perhaps a good old-fashioned pop-punk band whose songs are entirely about Star Wars and will help you forget that the Avatards have now made Cameron's new flick officially the top-grossing film of all time?

If so, check out Sex Wing Starfighter. With songs like " Stuck In The Outer Rim," "Sarlacc," "She Drives A Speederbike To School," and "My Droid," you can easily forget all about Cameron's Smurfy-looking Na'vi's and slip back into a simpler time, when popular movies were occasionally good.

You can download the album, free!, right here:

(Thanks to local "rock star journalist" Nick Spac.k for tipping us off to these sweet tunes. Richard has been rocking with "She Drives a Speederbike to School" all day!)


And thanks to Cl.thier for contributing the LC's Picture of the Week, in which a confused-looking Eddie Money hangs out with Bob Knight at the Fieldhouse on Monday:


Capt. Chanute said...

Big fan of the 80s, but wow; Eddie Money looks like all that cocaine has not only destroyed his brain but also his hairline. Shit. Second, that Megan Phelps video is so disturbing. Is it ok to say "You pissed off God" from the Christian right? I think that is like, an oxymoron? At least counterintuitive. Whatever. My vulgarity has been smitten by the right hand of the 'fag-bashers' of America. Crazy bastards.
On a side note, churches in Chanute have changed the tune to 'Paparazzi' into a Christmas anthem with an Italian twist, "Papa Natale." One must elide a syllable or two, but all in the name of Christ right? One doesn't need rhythm at church, after all. Funny? Yes; I'm Lutheran. But therein lies the fun. We made fools of the Catholics in the 16th century and continue to to this day--even in little, German Protestant SE Kansas, in our own little ways: no confession, not praying to those silly Saints (what's that about?) and making Christmas songs with Italian players who are most likely married and either have a mistress (or two) or lead a second life--a gay one--in secret (which is clearly the most holy and morally-upright way). We are so subversive.
Anyways, bottomline: Thank you, Megan Phelps, for showing me the very thin line between eternal salvation and imminent and eternal damnation.

lyrics are hard! said...

My life won't ever be the same after watching that video, N.ggle. Did they really, after showing a shot of the WTC pre-9/11, followed by one post 9/11, with "YIKES!" as the caption? The sun doesn't seem to shine as bright today. I'm literally petrified to listen to any Sex Wing Starfighter now.

admiral ackbar said...

Yeah, sorry about the video, but a few listens to Sex Wing will make things seem slightly brighter.