Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Boys Consider the LJ-World's "Lawrence Bucket List" / Also: Is it Art, or Isn't It?

Today's LJ-World offers a (largely predictable) list of things one MUST do while living in Larryville. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Checking in at #1: "Attend a KU basketball game in Allen Fieldhouse." (Chip: "They forgot to specify that it must be a men's KU basketball game, but I suppose that's understood.").

And at #7: "Let a parade pass you by." (Richard: "Larryville is becoming known for increasingly quirky 'parades' such as the Zombie Walk and Truckstop Honeymoon's 'Mardi Gras in Kansas' parade, both of which are noted in the article. Even something as old-fashioned as parades has a touch of hipsterism in Larryville, and that's a good thing."

But the LJ-World's list of "honorable mentions" is far more interesting, and contains ideas such as:

"Go to the Victor Continental Show." (Richard: "When I take my seat at the Victor show and listen to our host say 'So there I was...' and the audience respond 'Balls deep!,' it's as powerful and moving as a church service.").

"Honk for hemp." (Chip: "Not happening.").

"Flash a peace sign to Rob "Precious Love" Blank." (Richard: "Wow, we have learned the real names of both White Owl and Precious Love this weekend!").

"Slurp soup at the Souper Bowl at the Lawrence Arts Center." (Chip: "What the fuck?").

All in all, the honorable mentions are interesting, but they forgot an important one: "Bang a sorostitute after a Tuesday night at Quinton's."


The current Pitch has an article about a KC art exhibition by Ryan Drake called "Saints of Capitalism," which sounds very important:

"Ryan's paintings are corporate and financial types, like Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulsen, Rupert Murdoch--there's a great portrait of Alan Greenspan with Paris Hilton, in a state of undress, on his lap. There's a big Ronald McDonald painting done in a Hindu painting style, and he's being humped by the Hamburglar."

Richard: "Actually, I'm more excited about this than anything since Zaguar's collage exhibition. Almost certainly art."

Chip: "When we see the Hamburglar fucking Ronald McDonald it opens our eyes to the way that corporations themselves are ironically exploited by their own iconography, forever enslaved and unable to transcend earlier business models despite the dictates of a changing global economy. Just kidding, folks. This is not art."

Sadly, we are unable to locate photos of this exhibition on-line, but you can see them at KC's Late Show Gallery.

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bachelor in lawrence studies said...

Chip may be the most incisive commentator on culture ever invented.

(Well, at least since Gareth from The Office.)

I still haven't decided whether his words assure us of the important ways in which all aspects of cultural meaning can be critiqued or his words point out the ridiculous shallowness and self-importance of cultural commentators. How you beguile me, Chip!