Thursday, January 14, 2010

The First Cougar Story of 2010! / And the Boys Discover an Adorable New Hipster Band!

Sure, "cougar" is an overused word that probably belongs on Lake Superior State University's list, but let's admit it: some of you have been waiting for another cougar story on the LC.

Well, let's have at it.

It has recently come to the boys' attention that several cruise companies have been booking special "cougar cruises" in which cubs and cougars can frolic together on the open seas. The first such cruise, sponsored by Carnival Cruises, set sail in December and, although Carnival has made a "business decision" not to book another, several other companies are already organizing such cruises for this year.

Will the boys be setting sail?

Richard: "You bet! And I'll be banging cougars in a hot tub while wearing a Captain Stubing hat and singing the theme from The Love Boat."

Chip: "I'm hoping to roleplay some Gilligan/MaryAnne fantasies. Maybe Ginger as well. And I'll request that all the women on board call me 'Little Buddy.'"


With no Transmittens' gigs on the horizon, the boys have been looking for another band to provide them with the Casio-driven cuteness they so dearly crave. Have they found such a band in Oklahoma's Kite Flying Robot, which is slated to appear at the Jackpot in Larryville this Saturday? Perhaps.

Let's take a look at a few reviews from the band's Myspace page:

"...sounds like a textured, casio driven fun-fest with a horn section! Bass, drum machine, velvety David Byrne-esque vocals…who could ask for more? Sounds like: Falling down a retro, neon-streaked rabbit hole." --Independent Cause: Tulsa's Independent Music Blog

"Synth pop for your old school Nintendo, upbeat, sad at times, dancy, and imported from the 80's." --Windmill Pub, London UK

And the band's own bio:

"Originally begun in 2006 in San Francisco, Kite Flying Robot has gone from a one man multimedia art project to a full band synth-explosion dance party."

Chip: "I was totally on board until the 'art project' reference, but wait, oh, I do like their Myspace picture of two of the band members brushing their teeth together."

Richard: Please go to their Myspace and listen to 'Dinosaurs on the Wing.' This is damn near Transmittens-level adorableness.


voo...voodoo economics said...

While intrigued by the energetic flyer on the left of the page, the picture of the two members doesn't exactly scream "synth-explosion dance party". I'm further turned off by "Nintendo", neon-streaked", "casio", "drum machine", and, most alarmingly, "imported from the 80s". So were: Reagan, Small Wonder, Cop Rock, and AIDS. I'll pass.

I'd rather that my eulogy be while I live and breathe said...

I think "Dinosaurs on the Wing" isn't bad, and I'd certainly wander down to the Jackpot to see 'em, if I were in Lawrence, but they're not Transmittens, that's for dang sure. Not enough fun. Too much new wave to be truly lighthearted. Still, interesting stuff.

Cop Rock said...

It's bad, but I'm not sure it's as bad as AIDS.

cop drama wed with broadway numbers can't miss! said...

That's only because they found a vaccine so much more quickly, though small outbreaks pop up now and again (I'm looking at you, Commander in Chief).