Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Boys Consider Today's Sunflower Showdown and Miss America Pageant!

Readers, yesterday was "Kansas Day," a statewide lovefest to celebrate the entrance of Kansas into the union, primarily celebrated by innumerable drunken renditions of "Home on the Range." And, despite the distressing lack of "annual" festivities on the Eastside of Larryville, the day was still a great success. But that was yesterday.

Today is a day for pure, irrational hatred as KU takes on its in-state rival K-State in the "Sunflower Showdown" (Captain Chanute: "Fuck those toothless fucks."). Richard is expected to watch from a local tavern (likely Harbour, as a desperate game requires a desperate bar), while Chip is slated to maintain his usual tradition of avoiding this game entirely, retiring to a Forttt Scottt cornfield to read poetry for a few hours in blissful ignorance of whatever's going down in Manhattan.

An LJ-World piece today warns that "K-State fans have returned to chicken-throwing roots," so it is fair to assume that having a great team this year won't lead K-State fans to abandon their savage behaviors: "The tradition of hurling live chickens on the court was rekindled — KSU security had put a stop to it during the Roy Williams and Bill Self eras — two seasons ago. That’s when a solitary chicken hit the hardwood on Jan. 30, 2008."

See you at the bar.


Though the Miss America Pageant has, by many accounts, lost some of its luster in recent years, the boys are still huge fans and plan to gather after the game tonight for their usual tradition of getting drunk during the pageant while playing a Clue-like game that consists of shouting how and where they'd like to bang each of the contestants ("Miss Arkansas, reverse cowgirl, in a canoe in the Ozarks!").

Offer your own suggestions in the comments section. Winner gets a free PBR this spring at the Replay.

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