Monday, January 25, 2010

The Boys Follow Coach S.lf's Twitter Account! / Also: Continuing Coverage of the Most Important Local Show of the Year

Now that the official twitter page of Coach S.lf is up and running, the boys are followers and wait patiently for each new message. Here's the newest one, from last night:

"Sitting here at henry ts with coach keller. What a fb game. Biggest games usually come down to a play or 2. Ton of students camping out 4 mu "

Chip: "Gosh, he soundz just like u and me! What I like best about his tweets is that they apprise me of his location, and then I can 'accidentally' show up and bump into him. He seemed a little annoyed last night when I ate one of his fries."

Follow the coach at


Each year the boys join Pitchfork and pretentious music blogs across the land in championing a few important bands. Last year it was Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projectors. This year it's Surfer Blood. The first thing that stands out about Surfer Blood is that they are actually fun to listen to (a rarity these days). Pitchfork explains:

"Perhaps unsurprisingly, Surfer Blood spent the latter part of 2009 touring with Japandroids, who, along with BOAT and Cymbals Eat Guitars align in a faux-genre some of us have jokingly referred to as "alt-bro"-- guitar-heavy indie rock that's probably influenced by Pavement, likely about girls, and almost certainly made by people who at first blush sound more fun to get a beer with than, say, Dirty Projectors."

Richard: "The 'alt-bro' movement trades the Jaeger shots and continual casual sex of the bros for PBR and the occasional dutiful boning of one's boring girlfriend, but the bands are enjoyable and I will totally attend Surfer Blood's Replay show in March."

Pitchfork, by the way, gives their debut album, Astro Coast, an impressive 8.2.


going to listen to some stones said...

Has hipster culture sunk so low in terms of masculinity that being "fun to get a beer with" is worthy of an entire genre whose title implies a sort of postmodern homoerotic tendency?

Just another example of hipster culture being paralyzed by meaning, in this case, sexually paralyzed. Sad, sad, sad. A dude with a purpose and a whiff of sexual confidence would probably blow The Replay to smithereens.

N.ggle...I look to you to burn that place down!

a dude with a purpose said...

Nah, that kind of dude has no time for blowing up the Replay; he's too busy heading to Q's to get laid!

thursday nights at the eldridge! said...

You make a fine point.

Not Anonymous Enough said...

I want to post, Noggs. But before I do, I demand a moniker. Everyone gets a special nod and I get jack shit. No hipster references either. Something I can be proud to raise my chin at, something to enunciate my ubersexuality and uberegotism and uber-whatever (probably ubervulgarity, if I know you at all). My ransom is set. Have it on my desk by 10p tomorrow evening. Or else!

noggs said...

How about Captain Chanute? (like a cross between Captain Caveman and Captain Stubing of the Love Boat, but vulgar, never less than 100% motherfucking filthy!).

X the Eliminator said...

Uh, I believe I am the filthiest muthafucker on here.

And I will fist and fuck a dirty sanchez up and out the backend to illustrate it, if called upon.