Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Boys Examine The Satirical Hipster Website "Hipster Runoff"

Recently we were alerted to the existence of a website called "Hipster Runoff," described on the interweb as "a satirical site written in the voice of a faux-hipster ironically detached blogger" named Carles (whose real identity is unknown):

"Carles has made a name for himself by pointing out that our fascination with making sense of our own cultural obsessions and hatreds is a bunch of circular nonsense, doing so through a “No, I’m serious” blogger persona that personifies “meta-satire.” The best part is that half his audience doesn’t even realize it, and the other half is all too aware."

Richard: "Damn, I thought I had the market cornered on this schtick!"

One of Hipster Runoff's most "infamous" pieces, according to interweb research, is called "Animal Collective is a Band Created By/For/On the Internet." Here's a brief excerpt:

"I listen to the Animal Collectives on a weekly basis. I think I ‘like’ them because they are differentiated from ‘traditional music’ and ‘modern indie music.’ When I listen to them, I exist on a higher plane of musical appreciation and consume products for ‘all the right reasons.’...When I first started listening to Animal Collective, they had a smaller following, and playing them in my car for a group of friends was often met with a lot of ‘what is this krazie noise, yall?’s. Back then, AnCo was way more acoustic/conceptual/NOISECORE/lofi/etc. These days, they are a bit more electro conceptual tribal."

Richard: "I do like the deadpan style, where the 'jokes' don't immediately reveal themselves as 'jokes.' But what this blog seems to lack is a 'Chip.'"

Chip: "I'm used primarily to add dick jokes."

Check out Hipster Runoff's Animal Collective piece here (but please don't abandon the LC in favor of Carles!):

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can't beat dicks for laughs! said...

I'm still waiting for Carles' "jokes" to reveal themselves. Perhaps if he referenced dicks more it would help.