Sunday, January 3, 2010

Website of the Week: "Hipster Wife Hunting!"

We've showcased various hipster websites in the past, from the hilarious photos of Look At This Fucking Hipster ( to the often-disturbing pornographic site Look at this Hipster Fucking (, which has resurfaced for the holidays with some great lesbian shots accompanied by this caption: "We should always do it in photographer’s beds. Because I’m gonna get your dye job all over this artfully tousled duvet."

Now, thanks to intrepid hipster-spotter Brian, we'd like to direct you to a website called "Hipster Wife Hunting" (, which profiles sexy hipster checks both famous and not famous (they include various profiles and "reader submissions" of "normal" hipster women from across the nation). The women are rated on a PBR-scale (didn't Richard invent that a long time ago?).

The site's newest "celebrity crushes" are Haley Dekle of the Dirty Projectors ("That girl is radiant as fuck.") and Brooklyn filmmaker Sarah Lipstate (pictured below), who is deemed as tying with Portia de Rossi for "sexiest lesbian of all time."

Richard: "I'm 90% certain I'll find my wife using this site."

Chip: "I've heard there are other sites where you can just order yourself a Russian chick? Is that true? Why don't we order some?"


Married Man said...

Since when do hipsters get married? I thought it was part of the hipster lifestyle to be unattached and drift from show to show. Is being married suddenly "hip"? Next, you're gonna tell me that my closet full of Hawaiian shirts is mysteriously hip.

single white hipster said...

Good point. But I think marriage is "in" with the PBR-crowd now!