Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Week in Homeless News / Style Scout! / Also: The Boys Consider "Objectum Sexuals!"

Now that the (usually more) progressive EastSide has defeated the proposed new homeless shelter in the former Don's Steakhouse building, a new site has been proposed: a renovated warehouse near the Douglas County Jail.

Chip: "Why can't we just put them IN the jail."

The LJ-World talkbacks on the subject are, of course, abuzz, and "Somedude20" has a comment that's even funnier than Chip's: "put the bums in one of those schools that will shut down. maybe leave them a few books so they can make a fire. they can eat all of the gum that is stuck on the floors and walls. win win."


The boys love Thursdays because that's when new Style Scout columns appear on, and today's Scouts are especially excellent (probably because they were scouted by Katy Seib.l).

Lisa Roberts, 25, describes her look as "Townie trash meets Rihanna's spirit
and cites her fashion influences as "Klaus Nomi, drunk housewives that pop pills in their underwear, deer hides and Rihanna, of course.".

Honorable Reverend H: "I think I met this woman at Harbour Lights."

Lisa's least favorite fashion trends are "Polyester kimono blouses, capri pants, contrived punk rock style and Ugg boots worn with no pants and oversize shirts."

Ladies and gents, take a look. Is her own look in any way "contrived," and do you think that jar contains urine or moonshine? (click to enlarge).

Also scouted today is Jim Dandy (is that his real name?), 23, an employee of Milton's and the Pig who describes his style as "nice" and "presentable" (Chip: "Wrong on both counts.").

Richard: "I'll likely purchase a beer from Jim Dandy at the Pig this weekend, so I'm going to refrain from making any snarky remarks, but I'm certainly going to ask where he got that red button which I believe says 'I'm dorky.' Click to enlarge and see if I'm right."


The boys television pick of the day is a BBC documentary called Strange Love: Married to the Eiffel Tower, which explores "objectum sexuals, people who fall in love with objects like fences and amusement park rides, (one woman even married the Eiffel Tower). And they have sex...On their one-year anniversary, Erika goes back to visit the Eiffel Tower to consummate their marriage. She lifts up her skirt, and straddles one of the beams with "no barrier" between them. (

All of the profiled subjects on the show are women. But can men also be "objectum sexuals?"

Chip: "I certainly think so. For instance, I have an intense attraction to the physical space of Quinton's Bar and Deli and would totally make love to that building if I find a nice-sized hole in its exterior."

The documentary airs tonight at 7:00 and Richard will be hosting a watch-party.

Check out an article here for a link to watch the documentary on-line:


Robot Love said...

Objectum sexuals, wow! That sounds like something I'm going to have to see.

And what about the Funktionide, the pillow that loves you:

james franco said...

I love my Japanese body pillow!

Anonymous said...

Does the Reverend H really visit the Harbour? I question today's blog's validity...the Harbour is a place for low lifes and asshole bartenders (guess which one I am) and the Rev fits neither of those prereqs. I won't be visiting the Harbour this weekend or any weekend because the bartender bitches about having to make a Bloody Mary. IT'S YOUR JOB, FUCKHEAD! STOP COMPLAINING!

noggs said...

Actually, Anonymous Adam, the good Reverend has stopped patronizing Harbour for most of those reasons you just listed (but especially the "low lifes").

Myself, I rather enjoy its general scuzziness and vague sense of danger.

Omnidrinker said...

Some bars you walk in the door and you just know you need to order a beer or shot. Certainly nothing more complicated than a sour. It's the culture of the place.

The bartender bitches not so much because of the work (although that's part of it--he is a lazy asshole), but more because the drink you have requested violates the social conventions of the bar.

You can buck the trend and fight the power, but don't be surprised when it doesn't get you lavished with affection.

Mindi said...

We discussed objectum sexuals at a dinner party this past weekend. That's all I will say about that conversation.

Objection sexual said...

Mindi, you always were a tease.

what was on the menu? said...

Don't tease, Red. Are you hanging out with objectum sexuals and have any of them screwed a building, bridge, or fence?