Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Crime of the New Year! / Plus: Out With The Old, In With the New (Joe College-Style!)

Readers, according to our "Hot Mormon Muffins" calendar, 2010 is officially underway, so it must be time to reopen for business here at the LC.

After last year's rising crime rate, we hoped that this year might get off to a more sedate beginning, but it seems that the New Year kicked off with a good old-fashioned bar brawl at none other than Quinton's Bar and Deli!

Let's take a look at the LJ-World report:

"Officers were dispatched about 11:58 p.m. to the downtown bar after a fight had broken out... Before police arrived at the scene, a 24-year-old Overland Park woman was reportedly dancing on one of the tables inside the establishment. When told by another person in the bar that her behavior wasn’t appropriate, the woman began fighting. One of her friends, a 23-year-old Lenexa man, joined her in the fight as the two were being removed from the bar. The man grabbed a chair and threw it, striking two people. The woman was arrested for battery, and the man was arrested on two counts of aggravated battery."

Richard: "First off, what kind of person at Quinton's at midnight on New Year's Eve would find table-dancing to be inappropriate behavior?"

Chip: "I have a recurring dream about women fighting at Quinton's, but in that dream they are all naked, gloriously naked."


Former KU football coach Mark was a consistent cash-cow for controversial downtown T-shirt shop Joe College throughout his reign (surely you own either an "Our Coach is Phat" or a "Our Coach Can Eat your Coach" T-shirt, don't you? Chip: "I own both."). Ever-classy, Joe College has decided to cash in once more on the departing big man. Here's a photo:

And speaking of photos, today's LJ-World offers their annual "Best Photos of the Year" issue, which features a diverse selection that ranges from an old man washing his tractor at a car wash to a young boy in a tie posing with a tractor he rebuilt himself.

Their selections also feature one of our personal favorite, which we showcased here on July 15, 2009. It's a woman rescuing a baby racoon from a trash truck.

Chip: "That little fucker just looks so startled! It cracks me up every time."

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