Friday, October 2, 2009

(Not So) Hipster Pick of the Day! / A. Ruscin's Hipster Photos of the Week!

Readers, if you happen to see 90's pop favorites Hanson walking barefoot across campus this afternoon, rest assured that it's not just a terrifying dream or a drug-induced hallucination. No, the brothers are making a stop at KU on their "Use Your Sole" tour, which "is partnered with TOMS shoes Talk the Walk campaign which raises money for AIDS research and donates shoes to children in need" (UDK).

The Hansons are slated to perform a few acoustic songs outside Allen Fieldhouse at 3:00.

Richard: "This may be so unhip it's hip. I'll be there."

Chip: "Me too, and I hope they play 'Mmmbop,' which is the song I plan to use for my wedding dance."


We love A. Ruscin's hipster photo galleries on, but she may have outdone herself with this week's look at the recent Casiotone for the Painfully Alone show at the Replay. Each photo is more fascinating (and sometimes disturbing) than the last. We offer two for your consideration here. In the first, two hipsters show their tattoos. In the second, two hipsters make out (or pretend to) while holding a can of Hamm's and a book. We encourage you to click the pictures to enlarge and peruse the details (and if anyone can figure out what book the dude is holding, please let us know!).


What do I win?!? said...

I believe that would be a copy of the Norton Anthology of English Literature. As, I have a copy in front of me!

--Do I win an ice cold Hamms?

we have a winner! said...

I think you win either an ice-cold Hamm's or a kiss from that dude! Whichever you like.

I think Kip needs the date more said...

Hamms please!

hater of both the game AND the player said...

The more I get to know hipsters, the more I hate them.

hipsters are just like us said...

They drink Hamm's, they carry the Norton anthology around, and they make out at the Replay.