Sunday, October 11, 2009

The LC Shows You Proof of Ghosts!

Occasionally Richard likes to slip out of Larryville for a few days to go on ghost-hunting expeditions, such as this weekend's trip to the legendarily haunted Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs. The Crescent's ghost tour (as featured on SyFy's "Ghost Hunters") encourages guests to take numerous photos, explaining that the ghosts may not actually be witnessed during the tour but will almost certaily appear in the pictures. Let's see if it's true!

In this first photo, we see Room 218, supposedly the most haunted room in the hotel (but they are all haunted). According to the tour guide, women often find themselves mysteriously "poked" while showering here, and a woman once heard a ghost urinating in the bathroom.

Chip: "A ghost piss?"

In this next photo, we are waiting for a ghost to emerge from the elevator, but it turned out just to be a guest of the hotel (or WAS it?).

But here, readers, in this final photo, you may want to click to enlarge and examine the mysterious orb of light on the stairwell in the upper right corner (which Richard does NOT remember when taking this photo). Obviously, it's some sort of ghostly aura, and we can only assume this picture will get us some publicity since it's scarier than most of the purported proof of aliens floating around on the interweb.

Was the tour worthwhile? Sure. As you can tell from these photos, it was pretty fucking terrifying. At the same time, however, it does cost as much as two cases of PBR or five trips to the Replay, so it's not necessarily recommended for hipsters.


Probably Wayne! said...

This is the worst ghost tour I have ever seen!

Not a boneable wench or apparition in sight!

--Not like that chick on the panel! ...oh yah, wanna pick up her destitute feels and guide her back into some snake handling... if you catch my meaning.

she could tame my cobra! said...

I know, man! I wanted to quiz that gal about her southern roots, but she got away after everyone was mean to her.

--I'll bet she's handled a few snakes in her time, if you catch my drift!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet she's a slut. With serious daddy issues. In other words, hurtin for a squirtin.

one-time attender of shows said...

N.ggle - I recommend the Dr. Dog show tonight at The Bottleneck!

dr. nog said...

Yeah, I'd like to check it out (I've seen them before), but I'm passing on the Monday night rock.

I'm not hip enough.