Sunday, October 18, 2009

Local Political Scandal of the Week / Plus, This Week in Homeless News

Just when local progressives were finally beginning to forget Lynn Jenkins' recent comment about the Republican Party's need for a "great white hope," along comes Kansas Republican representative Bill Otto, whose Youtube video called "redneck rap" is a critique of Obama's policies delivered by Otto while wearing an "Oppossum, the other dark meat" baseball cap which has been seen by some as a racial reference to Obama. Otto insists that it simply refers to his own "hillbilly" heritage (LJ-World).

Chip: "I believe Otto. We do eat a lot of possum in parts of Kansas. I like it with sweet potatoes and gravy."


The battle over the location for Larryville's new local homeless shelter continues this week, and a group of residents have now organized to protest the current suggested venue: the old Don's Steakhouse building east of the city.

Local citizen Missi Pfeifer, one of the primary leaders of the opposition, says: "“I don’t know a mother who would go downtown and see what hangs around the shelter down there and walk away and leave their child there'" (LJ-World).

Chip: "Notice her use of 'what' as opposed to 'who' in that statement. Indeed, it is best to fully objectify these people, which allows a certain necessary neutrality that's lost among the liberals who insist on humanizing every problem."

Richard: "A local anarchist explained to me what is really going on here, which is that there's an odd liberal conspiracy at work in which our so-called 'progressives' lure the homeless to Don's Steakhouse, supposedly to care for them but in actuality to use Don's old equipment to grind them up into meat which will then be sold at the Merc under the guise of 'free range beef' to the rich capitalist pigs who basically 'feed' off the homeless anyway. I'm not sure if this is completely accurate, however."

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judi bola said...

i think the homeless must be protected by the law, especially the government. Local political is a tragedy with is related (usually) by the opponents.