Saturday, October 17, 2009

Things to Do For Hipsters and Non-Hipsters Too!

Naturally, the boys are spending the weekend in nearby downtown Baldwin's Maple Leaf Festival (Chip: "It's just a blessedly hipster-free event where old folks can gaze at pretty leaves."), but Larryville hipsters will probably want to opt for K-Records singer-songwriter Mirah, hitting the Jackpot tonight from Olympia, Washington with a solid 8.5 recommendation from Pitchfork:

"A terrific songwriter when she bothers to finish her songs, Mirah finds her own creativity fascinating enough to share every stage of the process with her listeners: To date, her albums have brimmed with sketches, songlets, snatches of ambiance (crickets, etc.) and private snapshots of in-studio fun."

Richard: "My favorite use of animal noises this year remains Neko Case's stirring half hour of frogs chirping at the end of Middle Cyclone, but this is a close second."


Demon Jones! said...

Yah, fuck all this shit:

What say Noggle on Paranormal Activity?!?

--I don't go to the Nog talks to Matthew site cuz I can't hand le the CAPS.

McBoner said...

Man, this site is for boner jokes, not movies!

But what do the boys say about the controversial "redneck rap" from the Kansas politician in which many think the guy's opposum hat ("the other dark meat") refers to Obama?

Well, that's coming soon!