Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Boys Consider PitchWeekly's Annual "Best of Kansas City" Picks!

The boys love the Pitch's "Best of KC" awards, especially the few slots they kindly devote to Larryville restaurants and bands(are we a KC suburb too, somehow?).

Representing Larryville this time is beloved downtown sushi restaurant Wa (which the Pitch praises for their "Sean Connery rolls"). Personally, the boys prefer the downtown Yokohama sushi joint, sometimes considered the "sorostitute sushi" restaurant since it often plays host to large groups of girls totally "bombed" on sake bombs.

And on the music front, LC-approved band Rooftop Vigilantes take the "best local album" prize for Carrot Atlas. The Pitch describes their work as "music by fuckups for fuckups."

Chip: "Couldn't have said it better myself."

And the annual list often gets the boys intrigued enough to make a KC trip and explore new destinations such as Manifesto, which wins the award for "best speakeasy" (how many honest to goodness speakeasies are there in KC, really?). Apparently recently praised by the NY-Times, the underground Manifesto lies behind "a nondescript alley door downwind of whatever trashbags have accumalated nearby." The place does not allow cellphones and supposedly enforces strict rules such as banning "gentlemen" from "brazen come-ons," which probably means that Chip and Richard wouldn't last long with their well-worn pick-up lines such as "You must have a mirror in your pocket, because I can totally see myself in your pants."

See you at the speakeasy, readers (and at the zombie fashion show tonight!).


blind pig said...

And here I was thinking that speakeasies were establishments that sold booze illegally. I guess now they just have to be nondescript bars. How hip.

al capone's PBR vault said...

I thought the same thing. Oh well, I hope to make Manifesto my official new (pretentious) dive.