Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Coverage Continues / Plus, Look No Further for the Perfect Hipster Gift! / And More Panhandling News!

For most of us, Halloween is an excuse to get shitfaced and pull some hilarious pranks (Chip: "I'm going to egg the house of that crusty old Dean!"). But for KU's student pagan organization, KU Cauldron, it's a chance to educate people with a weeklong series of lectures and a "Samhain ritual" on Halloween night. Earlier in the week the group hosted a lecture regarding vampires with guest speaker Hailey Hauber, a religious studies major.

"Hauber said although she did not know any local vampires, she had read about vampires in the Kansas City area. 'I know that there are vampires in Kansas City...I don't know the extent of their involvement, but I know that they are there" (UDK).

Chip: "Vampires aren't real. Are they?"

But what goes on at the scary-sounding "Samhain ritual?"

"The group will prepare a meal of pumpkin stew and a portion of each person's meal will be left aside as an overnight offering for lost loved ones" (UDK).

Chip: "Well, that doesn't sound so terrifying as I imagined. In fact, it sounds quite nice. But most likely they are just politely neglecting to mention the parts about the Satanic rituals and human sacrifice."


Readers, if you're anything like the boys you have a lot of hipster friends, some of which have little hipster babies for whom you sometimes have to purchase gifts, which can be a hard thing, since they are not old enough to drink PBR. Luckily, a group called the Yellow Bird Project has developed something called an "Indie Rock Coloring Book" in which you can color such things as a bunch of birds in Devendra Banhart's beard. Below is a picture of his page. All proceeds go to charity. Order yours today.

Richard: "I think it goes without saying which band would be a perfect addition to this book, but I'll say it anyway: The Transmittens. But what color would you color a sparklemitten?"


Based on the article in today's LJ-World, last night's meeting of the city fathers to discuss the local panhandling problem was quite productive. Apparently, the commission has now actually "vowed to do more than just talk" about the issues "(LJ-World).

One local "merchant" who spoke at the meeting related the tale of two frightened women who took shelter in his store after being "aggressively" panhandled: "“They said they were going back to Johnson County and never coming back. We deal with that every day.'" (LJ-World).

Chip: "I say the same thing every time I go to the Replay."


cl.thier said...

I would color in the sparklemitten with the eraser end of my pencil.

Anonymous said...

I world use the sharp and pointy part of that pencil to color in either of TMs faces with a crimson mask.

Anonymous said...

Hipsters are douche bags. I spent all of my energy responding to yesterday's thread so that I have nothing left for this one. So I say again, fuck hipsters. And coloring books. And--dare I say--Transmittens (who?).

a hipster baby said...

I color Transmittens cow clouds all pink and fluffy.