Saturday, October 10, 2009

The LC Takes the Weekend Off!

Our sharpest readers may have noted the lack of new material yesterday. It's because Richard has been in Eureka Springs hunting ghosts (ghost photos coming soon!) and Chip has been...doing whatever Chip does (probably eating a nice chicken-fried steak).

But we'll return next week with new installments including the LJ-World's in-depth story about how and Coll.ns enjoy walking to class together!


Anonymous said...

Did Chip see the article about Fort Scott in the Onion? Enthralling journalism, here's the link:

thanks for the tip! said...

I just sent it to him.

Dietrich said: said...

"No, we have to gather ourselves up and begin to look to the future. Specifically, a future in which we abandon this doomed place and go our own separate ways."

Everyone hates Ft. Scott and everything that is Ft. Scott: Men, Women, Puppies, Puppies dressed as Kittens, the Men's Basketball team, Z-Man, The Men's Football team, Coach Self, the Loveline guys, The creators and actors on the Simpsons, Qs waitresses, W., Cloth!er, The Republican party, people who enjoy writing by hand while gracelessly rowing along a pond or even people who fly kites.

Well, not everyone. I'm fairly certain the Women's Basketball Team loves Ft. Scott (and Kip). Foot-soiled wretches that they are.

--But at least Kip has the Women's Basketball Team, graceless flummoxes of shiftless reality that they are (truly pasty, doughy menaces in their own right)... to keep him warm at night. Assuming they have souls to light the warmth of his hearth.

people who line up pennies said...

We have great respect for Forttt Scottt, as they hold the world's record in this misunderstood pasttime.