Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Boys' Examine the Blending of Hipster and Geek Culture / Also: Photo of the Week: Juggalos!

Of course, the boys were jocks when they were growing up, and as such they were taught that nerds and geeks were to be scoffed at and spit upon. Therefore, it's been a hard adjustment in recent years as "geek" culture has increasingly become something to be celebrated. In Larryville, the "nerd rap" of Greg Enemy (with his "fly ass glasses") continues to pack the dancefloors at hipster bars, and local comic book store Astro Kitty has shared a long relationship with the Jackpot Saloon, which hosts their occasional "drink and draw" nights, where presumably everyone sits around and draws pictures of unicorns and shit. In another upcoming collaboration, the Jackpot will host "Super Nerd Night," described as follows:

"For a low cover price, you can gain access to a world of geek-centric drink specials, bar-side old school video-gaming, a Nintendo DS multi-player "lounge", multiple Magic:TG events, Drink & Draw areas, Street Fighter IV big-screen tourney, and all set to a backdrop of anime, cartoons, and chiptunes!"

Sure, it may be hip, but it may also be the first night in the history of the Jackpot when nobody gets laid at the end of the evening.


Readers, if you suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns), let us hope that you were not in downtown Larryville on Saturday. The Insane Clown Posse's show at the Granada meant that the streets were overrun throughout the day by the ICP's terrifying fanbase, the "juggalos," who possess a strange love for a drink called grape Faygo and a penchant for freaking out passersby (a very large juggalo loomed over poor Richard and whispered "Boo" as he walked by, at which point he cowered in a nearby alley for some time until they had all entered the Granada).

The Pitch's website offers a slideshow of the band and their fans' visit to Larryville, including this surprisingly touching shot of a pair of juggalos who got married prior to the show:

Chip: "You can just look at certain couples and sense they'll be together forever."

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