Thursday, October 8, 2009

LJ-World Sports Editorial of the Week / Local Hipsters Start a Dodgeball League!

After weeks of calling for the heads of everyone involved in the recent football/basketball brawls, the LJ-World's Tom Keegan has taken a long hard look at the men's basketball rankings and's time to forgive and forget. Here's an excerpt from today's piece:

"All of which brings us to the question of the day: Would you, the Kansas basketball fan who has read about members of your team getting into multiple fights with members of the football team, using offensive language on Facebook, and read about one player, Brady Morningstar getting suspended for the first semester after missing curfew and being arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, trade your team for any of the other 346 college basketball teams?

Of course you wouldn’t. Why would you? Your team is ranked No. 1 in the three preseason college basketball magazines spread out on my desk."

Chip: "He's exactly right. As of now, I wouldn't mind if Cole "The Sherriff" climbed up on the campanile and opened fire, sniper-style."


With the kickball season officially over, local hipsters, needing another children's sport to play, have formed the "Bleeding Kansas Dodgeball League," currently packing the East Lawrence (of course!) Rec Center on Sunday evenings.'s article on the subject offers this quote:

“We welcome non-kickball people to play, but we do have a specific way of playing,” warns Santos ["founder and commissioner" of the BKDL]. “Some people’s sensibilities might get hurt. We are trash talkers, we throw the ball hard, and we throw it hard at girls because we’re not sexist.

In its first season, the league seems to have only attracted about a dozen teams, but some of those are important hipster establishments such as Dempsey's Burger Stand, Wild Man Vintage, and Astro Kitty, which means the league is important and you should start attending.

Here's a look at the competition:


Anonymous said...

I would play only if the league were welcome to all "minority" groups in hipster-land and outside; i.e. I want to be able to throw the ball hard at retards and Indians (the Asian ones). Because I'm open-minded, of course.

if you can dodge a wrench... said...

We enjoy when people read!

Yes, we'd like to throw the ball hard at the local geek-culture. Also the frat boys. But not the sorostitutes.

"Well, I suppose I WOULD like to throw my balls at them, if you catch my meaning." --Chip

Also Anonymous? said...

If this happens, line Kip up at the other end of a gym, give him a cigarette and me and my group of pipe swinging %^$*#@s will comes and beat him shitless until his tallywacker could be used as a door stop.

--And then we'll play dodgeball