Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Boys' Book Club Reads R. Crumb's The Book of Genesis / Pitchfork's Review of the Week / And a Hipster Photo!

Legendary cartoonist R. Crumb's long-awaited comic version of the complete Book of Genesis has finally arrived on shelves to rave reviews. For those unfamiliar with his work, Newsweek offers this bio:

"The artist credited with almost singlehandedly launching the underground-comics scene in '60s San Francisco, the cartoonist who gave us the X-rated adventures of Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural, a professed atheist, a man who fantasizes about getting piggyback rides from big-legged women (and then draws and publishes these fantasies)..."

What do the boys think of Crumb's Genesis?

Chip: "I'm sure you all expect me to hate it, but I've always been quite fond of Crumb's work since we share that same fantasy about piggyback rides from big-legged women. However, I'm afraid it's going to feel a little weird beating off to this."


The boys were huge fans of noise-rock band Fuck Buttons' previous album, Street Horrrsing, and have been anxiously awaiting the follow-up. Let's take a look at Pitchfork's review (which warrants a rare 9.0, the same as Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest and just below Dirty Projectors' Bitte Orca, which scored a 9.2):

"Fuck Buttons also master shorter pieces that shift and redirect the record's momentum. Close in spirit to the tribal romp of "Ribs Out" from Street Horrrsing-- but ultimately more listenable and imaginative-- "Rough Steez" envisions industrial techno as locomotive skronk. And "Phantom Limb" recalls genre-benders like Liquid Liquid and Gang Gang Dance with its cavernous atmosphere and snaky, complex arrangement. When the band returns to widescreen emotiveness for the triumphant closer "Flight of the Feathered Serpent", it feels like a victory lap."

Richard: "I think that 'locomotive skronk' is really an important emerging genre that hasn't received its due as of yet, and I'm hoping to put together a band that specializes in it. Surely we'd be right at home sandwiched in between sets by Black Christmas and This is My Condition."


The boys were unable to attend last week's premiere of the Spook Lights' film It Starts With Murder, but intrepid hipster photographer A. Rusc.n was on hand to document the affair. Here's one of the shots we particularly enjoy from her newest slideshow (click to enlarge and peruse the sweet Schlitz logos on this hipster's shirt):


Concerned readers want to know! said...

Will the Chronicles soon be returning to discussion of fucking Kip or Kip-like objects (meatloaf, a coloring book... perhaps a large squash or gourd?)? For, while these discussions of fuckbuttons and shit are fun, I think we all know where the real scissorfucking is at.

question of the day said...

Would you rather fuck a squash or a gourd?

A squash.


black dog said...

How can a musical arrangement be "snarky"?

An atheist who loves big-legged women? This calls for one Mr. Robert Plant (no doubt lifted from blues tradition):

"I don't know, but I've been told,
a big-legged woman ain't go no soul."

lester bangs said...

"Snaky." Not "snarky."

Although it's my understanding that snarkiness has so permeated hipster lyrics that it actually CAN infiltrate the arrangements too!

sex with produce-like men said...

In response to question:

I think the question must be asked: is Kip more squash or gourd-like?

--Because that makes a lot of difference!

Anonymous said...

I believe there is a tribe in a remote section of the Amazon that fucks gourds during religious ceremonies. That, then, raises the question: would preferring Kip to be a gourd a holy fucking or could the squash-as-Kip as being fucking holy?

fuck buttons said...

We are the new Transmittens!

I love this site said...

I know which little brown button I'd like to fuck.

On Chip.

And I don't event have a penis but I'd totally strap-one on to make him squeal like a bitch!

Anonymous said...

Do you think Brady Morningstar feels awesome because ESPN mentions his name every 25 minutes on their website? I wonder if he gets bitches for that? And also, I wonder if he'd rather fuck Kip, a squash or a gourd?

The Meat Burrito said...

Oh, he'd fuck Kip WITH the gourd.

--He's a smart boy and realizes that he could hand slam the Meatloaf while chubber woofs down on THE morningstar. said...

You're almost certainly right that Brady refers to his penis as "the morningstar." I call mine "the Sheriff."

Also: I heard that Morningst.r was a total gourd-fucker. Or at least that's what his Facebook status reported!

prickly balls said...

Hey, whatever happened to stories about hedgehogs? I miss that feature. I also liked this story about a hedgehog that was so drunk it had to be taken to the hospital:

No, this blog is about meatloaf now. said...

Well, why don't we devote a new series that marries the whole Astrokitty thing, with this readers love of hedgehogs and the blog's new found interest in having things fuck Kip:

"The Adventures of S*nic the Hedgehog... fucking Kip... with pricklepears!"

--If you catch me meaning.