Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Boys Country Corner Returns! / Plus, A. Ruscin's Hipster Photo of the Week

The boys are huge fans of Toby Keith and always enjoy examining the lyrics of his newest work. The title track of the new Keith album is "American Ride," and from the opening verse it's clear that Keith is becoming an increasingly important voice of social and political commentary:

"Winter gettin colder, summer gettin warmer.
Tidal wave comin cross the Mexican border.
Why buy a gallon, its cheaper by the barrel.
Just dont be busted singin Christmas carols."

Richard: "Notice how the second line can be read as either a continuation of the global warming fears of the first line or as a warning of the dangers of immigration. Keith's work is more subtle here, but no less powerful for it."

Chip: "Perhaps, but most of his audience won't be able to interpret the new song. I miss the plain-spoken Keith who would have simply threatened to put his boot in the ass of those immigrants!"


In this tender photo (taken by famed local hipster photographer A. Ruscin at a recent show by the Oh Sees), we see a hipster who is all tuckered out from too many Hamm's taking a quick nap on the shoulder of his squinty-eyed friend.

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