Monday, October 5, 2009

LJ-World Sports Story of the Week! / Plus, Recent Local Album Reviews

No, this is not another story about the football/basketball brawl and its fallout. Today's LJ-World offers a more inspiring tale...of a young local couple who have named their children after local sports celebrities. Yes, their two year old son is named Manning and their newborn daughter is named Reesing.

The article offers this description of the new baby's room:

"The recently arrived Reesing, meanwhile, will grow up with a less-subtle reminder of her folks’ favorite quarterback. In her room, Urish has painted “REESING” in dark pink letters — yes, in KU’s signature Trajan font — that stretch from ceiling to floor."

The father suggests that, if they have another son, he will likely be named Chamberlain (Chip: "That boy will grow up to get a lot of pussy.").

Will this inspire the boys' to name their future progeny after their own favorite players? Almost certainly!

Richard: "I plan to name my firstborn son Tyshawn. Sure, his participation in a brawl was embarrassing, but his devotion to free speech, however stupid, on his Facebook statuses afterward was quite admirable."

Chip: "My first boy will be called Sherron, because I want to instill in him a pride in his body and teach him that it's fine to want to wave your willy around on an elevator on occasion."


As we reported over the weekend, Larryville favorites the Rooftop Vigilantes received the Pitch's "local album of the year" award, but they had some praise left over for the Transmittens' album as well:

"One of the best aspects of Danny Rowland and Jen Weidl's synth-pop is that it isn't trying to be adorable."

Cl.thier: "Yes, I'm sure that a cute harmonizing couple who play songs about 'sparklemittens' on toy instruments has no interest at all in seeming 'adorable.'"


do or do not... said...

In other music news, Marilyn Manson didn't try to be shocking and Genesis-era Peter Gabriel didn't try to be weird.

giddens said...

Can this be a girl's name, because I want my future first daughter growing up with a good, solid knife-fighting moniker.

john randle said...

I'm naming my daughter "Jeff Graves". Has a nice ring, doesn't it?

paterfamilias said...

My boy will be named Aldrich, but around the house we'll refer to him as "The Sheriff."