Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Boys Consider New York's CMJ Hipsterfest and Check in With Larryville's "Style Scout"

Sadly, the boys were unable to attend this week's CMJ Music Festival in New York (although perhaps our NY correspondent Adam will send in a live report?). Luckily, Pitchfork is providing in-depth coverage of the affair, and we've chosen this description which we somehow suspect is fairly representative of the festival as a whole:

"It took Clare & the Reasons a while to set up for their show at the Mercury Lounge. First, they had to affix bundles of white, leafless branches around the stage, creating a small forest in which to play. Then, they had to tune and soundcheck an arsenal of instruments: washboard, clarinet, trombone, tuba, glockenspiel, violin, bass, several guitars, assorted percussion, ukulele, and kazoos. There were no complaints for the late start, but widespread disappointment at the truncated set."

After perusing the various names of bands and album titles in Pitchfork's coverage, our favorite so far is the album Let's Make Babies in the Woods by the Papercranes, a title that the Transmittens are surely kicking themselves right now for not thinking of first.


The "Style Scout" feature on has been dull for the past few weeks, focusing mainly on older Larryvillians who are, of course, inherently unstylish. This week, however, sexy Ms. Sieb.l is doing the scouting, and she can always be counted on to choose interesting subjects, such as Chris (Randall) Dickinson, who describes his style as "penitently transitional bachelor-wear" and offers this as a description of his favorite fashion trends: "Oversize flannel button-ups are pretty rad. Bright purple hoodies." Dickinson describes his look as "pre-Zooey Deschanel Ben Gibbard" and for Halloween plans to dress as "Schrödinger’s bat. What could be more terrifying than a bat that is neither dead nor alive?"

Richard: "I'm 100% certain I'll see this dude at the Replay on Halloween night."

Ladies, is he stylish, or isn't he? (click to enlarge).


Mindi said...

First of all, i've never heard of Schrodinger's bat. That's either a typo on your part or a malapropism on his (or it's something hip that I would therefore be blissfully unaware of).

This guy is so neutral it's hardly worth commenting on. He's wearing jeans and a red hoodie with untied sneakers. I do like his glasses. Now, the smirk on his face is key: is he aware that he's barely fashionable and amused that he's been singled out for this honor, or is he thinking to himself that it's about time someone finally noticed my "pre-Zooey Deschanel Ben Gibbard" look.

Depending on the answer, I'd probably talk to him at a bar, but then again, I like guys in glasses. Oh, and depending on how tall he actually is.

Back to work.

bat in the hat said...

No, it's not a typo on my part. Either he's mixed up about Schrodinger's cat or, more likely, he's just making a weird hipster joke that isn't really funny but just might be odd enough to win him a prize at the Replay costume contest.

I imagine he's elated that Ms. Katy Seib.l has approached him on the street. I know I certainly would be!

Anonymous said...

nope. not fashionable. The fine lady in the background, however...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, here's the live report: I'm not going any-fucking-where near that hipster quasar for fear that it will suck me in with its ironic profundity and dense sense of self-satisfaction. I'll stay safely uptown where its signals and red shifts can have as little effect on me as possible. And my comment on the style scout: I really hope that kid got laid for the first time with that piece. The vains protuding from his right hand suggest a chronic and possibly self-destructive masturbation habit (or compulsion, because that suggests that it might hurt every once in awhile though he feels forced to continue)

CMJ said...

Come on, Adam. Take one for the team. Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you...hipper!

constantly amazed by ridiculous hipsters said...

Funny, I didn't think I could hate hipsters any more than I already do, but this guy just took my hate to a much darker and dangerous place than it ever had been before.

You're clearly the living, walking, breathing epitome of a hipster zombie, so I'll help you by condensing your pseudo-intellectual, narcissistically self-deprecating mouth vomit into something much simpler:

You dress like Michael Cera's "Evan" from Superbad, only with glasses.

Good work on your groundbreaking sense of style, Chris (Randall).

Mindi said...

This guy is not a hipster. You want hipsters, come ride the BART with me. There you will find a plethora of hipsters and eco-freaks and bike enthusiasts. Enough to keep you all going for years.