Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The LC's Halloween Coverage Begins!

The boys love Halloween, primarily because it's a night when local sorostitutes can be counted upon to dress even sluttier than usual (Chip: "I also enjoy the candies"). And over the next week-and-a-half we plan to offer occasional highlights of Halloween activities that might be worth your while.

There's no better place to be on Halloween than the Replay, as we all know, so our first pick is that evening's performance by The Dead Girls, who have come up with a truly hip idea for their show: performing as "Adventureband," they will be playing the entire soundtrack of the recent film Adventureland, which includes hipster-approved tunes by the likes of The Replacements, Lou Reed, The Cure, and David Bowie (along with "Rock Me, Amadeus", which is used in the film to signify the pernicious "mainstream" of the era).

Richard: "I loved Adventureland from the first notes of The 'Mat's 'Bastards of Young' even prior to the opening credits, but now that it's becoming a more well-known cult film I feel it's time for me to abandon it and retreat back to my former favorite largely-unknown film about post-college ennui: Noah Baumbach's Kicking and Screaming."

Chip: "The only good song on the Adventureland soundtrack is 'Rock Me, Amadeus.'"

But what will the boys be wearing for Halloween? Well, it won't be an "illegal alien" costume consisting of a prison jumpsuit and an alien mask (pictured below), which was pulled from the shelves of major retailers such as Target and Toys R' Us this week after a public outcry.

Chip: "Actually, I purchased mine as soon as they went on sale, long before the overly-P.C. public got wind of it, so I will be happily sporting this on Halloween. I suspect it may not be very popular at the Replay, however, but they'll eat that shit up down in Forttt Scottt.

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falco said...

If the stupid Adventureband doesn't play Big Star's "I'm in Love with a Girl" or Crowded House's "Don't Dream It's Over", I'm never going to attend the second Adventureband show. N.ggle - keep us updated!