Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Changing Face of Downtown Larryville / The LC's Reality Show Pick of the Week / And the 'Mittens Hit the TapRoom

In this continuing series we explore new developments on the downtown scene. The city fathers have recently been considering legislation that would restrict the number of restaurants/bars downtown because they are far outpacing retail establishments. While the boys initially opposed the plan, a recent stroll along the 700 block of Mass. made them wonder if the city fathers might be onto something (for once). In the old home of Palace Cards and Gifts a sign proudly proclaims that the chain restaurant Noodles and Co. will soon join us. And just a few doors down the Dynamite Saloon has opened its swinging doors, attached to the undying Buffalo Bob's BBQ.

Chip: "I've long been a vocal supporter of new chains downtown. Currently the only decent restaurant on Mass. is Pizza Hut. But do we need another restaurant that doesn't serve a chicken-fried steak? And do we need another noodle shop, for that matter? Isn't Zen Zero bad enough?"

Richard: "I was initially opposed until I visited their website ( a few seconds ago. The site is so adorable it's like a Transmittens video or something! I'm totally having the Japanese pan noodles."

Chip: "Now Dynamite Saloon, on the other hand, looks promising. Unlike that pseudo-saloon down the street that's always full of hipsters, this looks like the kind of place a man might get in a fight and eat a slab of ribs."

Richard: "I'll wave at you from across the way at Vermont Street BBQ, which is where we hipsters get our ribs on!"


Since Shark week ended, the boys have been searching for something similar to fill that void which can only be filled by the hilarious sight of predators chomping on hapless victims. Luckily, they've discovered Animal Planet's "I Was Bitten," which explores "the most intense bites and their gruesome aftermath," focusing on everything from dog bites to bear attacks. The boys prefer to call the show "I Got Bit" and often discuss it while on the town.

Chip: "I'm hoping to be interviewed in an upcoming episode regarding that time I had a nasty chigger bite on my ass."


Readers, the Transmittens will take the stage tonight in the local venue best-suited to their unique talents. Yes, they'll be at the TapRoom tonight with opening act Zanin’s Magic Crayon, "a one-man project based on the work of Brazilian indie-pop band Magic Crayon" and which features "ukulele, electric guitar, and spoken-word elements" (

Cl.thier: "That's exactly what I had planned for my own future side-project. Back to the drawing board."

Here's the classic photo from the last time Richard caught the 'Mittens in action.


Mooch said...

Hey, I was trying to share my favorite Transmittens video ("cow clouds") to brighten somebody's day, but it had been removed from YouTube. What's up with that?

Mr. Sparklemittens said...

Something that perfect was just too good for Youtube, I guess. It probably got replaced by a cat running into a wall.

icanhascheezburger said...

Poor little kittens have lost their mittens . . .