Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busker Fest Day Two (Recap in Photos!) / Also: Local Progressives of the Week

Richard: "This is New York's Two Man Gentleman Band. I'd love to be the 'Third Gentleman' and join them on ukulele to tour the country singing songs about William Howard Taft."

Chip: "This guy is named Mooncalf and why parents would willingly let their children volunteer to hang out with him onstage is beyond me."

Chip: "These girls are hula-hoopers, and I'm not sure they are really part of the festival, but I can almost see the ass of one of them. She's the only one I tipped all weekend."

This is Mary Lou Strong Woman, one of the world's only three performing strong women (according to her), and she is about to rip a KC phone book in half straight down the middle. The boys have rarely been so frightened and aroused at the same time.

This is surely not...? Could it be...? Yes, it's LC's favorite local fashion model, Katy Seib.l in the front row at the Mary Lou Strong Woman show!

Chip: "I'd like to busk her, if you catch my meaning."

Richard: "I'm not sure it makes sense, exactly, but it's funny."


The LJ-World's front page story today concerns the Brown family, who just became the "proud owner of a Teener neighborhood electric vehicle" (LJ-World). This Teener, which is limited to streets with a 35 mph speed limit, is only one of 26 known to be in the US.

Chip: "If I see this thing crawling through my neighborhood, I'm going to kick it over on its back like a fucking turtle."


It's week two of post-season kickball in Larryville, and you'll want to check in with Candlepants' blog prior to heading out to make sure you're aware of all the action on and off the field. Here's an important update:

-Regarding the Screamers, Captain Swaggarty has graciously offered to rescind the results (via email) of their two games because of inadvertently using an ineligible player. Therefore, the bracket now reflects a ToePokes (W) and Screamers (L) as well as a Replay (W) and Screamers (L). Matt Whitesell assures me that Replay will be fielding a team and fulfilling their ref responsibilities. If the Replay choses not to play, they will be responsible for ref duties this Sunday."


myopic? said...

Looks like you were busted taking the second pic of Ms. Fashionista!

And fix the link for the hula-hoopers...I need to see that ridiculousness in all of its enlarged beauty!

head blogger said...

Link is fixed.

Katy looks directly into any camera within a half mile radius.

My next mission is to photograph everyone on the Lawrence Human Bingo list. Get ready, Maraca Lady!

just say no to orange lycra, dude. said...

Sweet...even better in zoom mode!

Now, what's the deal with the guy in the orange unitard?

Mutley said...

That commentary on the Teener made me chuckle incessantly through my teeth to keep from disturbing my fellow writers.

Nerves of steel said...

Good job, Nog, of keeping the camera steady on that fashionista shot. Next time, you should approach her.

your blog or mine? said...

Yes, we hope to eventually commission Katy to write some fashion pieces for our blog (as long as she's okay with "Chip's" hilarious innuendoes).