Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sandbar Anniversary Recap

As expected, Sandbar fans young and old (mostly old) showed up en masse last night to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Larryville's beloved tropical bar. In their pirate hats and Hawaiian shirts, they wedged themselves into a too-small beer garden and danced in the street to "Sweet Caroline" while waxing nostalgic about the first time they wedged themselves into the too-small bar nearby to dance in their seats to "Sweet Caroline." Richard proclaimed the evening his best chance yet to score a mother/daughter duo and stationed himself nearby on the TapRoom patio, which quickly filled up with an overflow of revelers smart enough to realize that they could easily see the stage and procure drinks there but frustrated by the Tap's lack of tropical frozen beverages. One older woman explained to Richard that the Sandbar was well and good but the real place, back in the day, was "the Beer Stoop," whose location she could not recall.

Here are a few photos followed by selections from the Sandbar blog's live Twitter stream from last night.

The ship sets sail.

Elvis arrives.

The dancing showgirls perform (Chip: "I've seen hotter").

And some tweets:

moosully: Bill Self up in the Sandbar. Panties seem to drop when he arrives. #sbar

slicksob: The womans ass in front of me is too big for the dance she is doing so is mine. Age is wonderful #sbar

ladysilk: Dear #sbar patrons...if you are going to jump the beer garden barrier do not do so in an ultra tight mini skirt...that is all...THX

LJWJKealing: At the #sbar party. So many people here. Say hi if you see me. Jayhawk ballcap on


Beer Stoop said...

All the best bars disappear while mediocre joints survive on the strength of their gimmicks.

Mad Hatter/The Bar said...

Exactly right.