Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Boys' Box Office Report / "Eat Local Lawrence" Begins! / Sunday Kickball Coverage

The sci-fi allegory District 9 arrived in theaters to stellar fanboy business this weekend, offering some much-needed intelligence in a summer dominated by mindless action spectacles such as Tranformers II and GI Joe. Let's check in with the talkbackers at Ain't It Cool News and witness some of their discourse on the film's political subtext.

landosystem says: He SHOT a FUCKING PIG at a dude, dude died by a FUCKING PIG being SHOT at him. Why are we not discussing how fucking awesome a PIG GUN is!?!!?
Oh yeah. I've seen it twice, maybe going again tomorrow. Pig gun.


The second annual "Eat Local Lawrence" kicks off today, an event in which residents try to eat primarily foods grown within a 200 mile radius of Larryville. Participants can sign up at the Merc and receive a "sign up kit" featuring recipes, a shopping list, and an "I'm Eating Local" button.

Richard: "I don't really participate, but I like wearing the button downtown to impress the quirkily sexy foodie chicks who hang around Local Burger."

Chip: "I wore my button to Forttt Scottt last summer and received an asskicking."


The kickball tournament season begins this evening and most residents have spent the weekend filling out their brackets ("I spilled PBR on mine." --Richard). Candlepants' blog on the kickball website offers perceptive commentary on most of the teams heading into the tournament, and it's well worth your time to peruse as you finish up your bracket. Here are his thoughts on the Rangelife Records team:

"The team that has yet to practice somehow finds it way in at #6? While half the team is comprised of folks who took the trophy back in 2005 with Jensens, this rag tag collection of skinny white boys has complicated the notion of what a kickballer truly is by juxtaposing the jock with the jester, combining the student of the game with the I-don’t-give-a-fu$ks drunk. Who are these people? Business casual? Bellyshirts, Zubaz shorts, and tucked in muscle shirts in shorts have no place in the upper ranks of the kickball elite…or do they?"

To get you in the mood, here's another photo from A. Ruscin. Is the PBR keg stand a pre- or post-game ritual?


a book deal can't be far off said...

You haven't really hit the medium-time until you've offended at least one person enough that they feel the need to take you to task. Hopefully, you offended them so much that they tell their friends and come back often to see what scandalous material you write.

almost famous said...

Let's hope so, because I like making fun of hipsters and I could do it so much better with a little extra cash.