Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Crime! Sports! Photography!

Larryville's recent rash of shootings, stabbings,muggings, and robberies shows no signs of abating and the list of places that the boys are now scared to visit keeps growing. Club Axis is not safe, Crosstown Tavern is not safe, Burrito King is not safe, Burger King (6th Street) is not safe. Now add to this list Miracle Video, your one-stop shop for pornography and the Criterion collection's series of important foreign and independent films. Yes, Miracle Video was robbed during business hours by a man wielding a baseball bat last week. Was he coming from the Crosstown tavern next door, or was he on his way there? The case remains unsolved.

Richard: "I always felt so at ease in that little back room, perusing copies of The Davinci Coed (so witty!) and Nailin' Palin (so prescient!). But now I may have to start getting my porn on-line like a normal person."

The LJ-World talkback is at its best in discussions of the local crimewave, with perhaps the best post coming from RoeDapple, whose entry regarding the tasing of a local drug suspect offers this hilarious sendup of the usual commentary on such stories.


Let's see, hmmm….

Nice guy,

You don't know him like I do…………






There, that ought to cover it. No additional posts needed, Roe has this one covered!

Richard: "Seriously, this is funny and I'm thinking about hiring this guy to write for the Chronicles. He's funnier than Chip."


Today's front-page of the LJ-World sports section regarding the promising seasons of this year's KU teams has confirmed Chip's worst fear: the women's basketball team is still going to be taken seriously by the media after their "magical" (LJ-World) run in the WNIT. The story repeatedly refers to the "Big Three" of local sports (men's football, men's and women's basketball).

Chip: "There are two things right now that I have a lot of trouble believing. One, that Obama was born in America. Two, that women's basketball is an actual sport."


Recently, a new way has deveoloped of determining whether the event you're attending is hip enough. Just ask yourself this question: Is Ailecia Ruscin there to photograph it for Lawrence.com? We've showcased her work here before (remember that shot from the kickball all-star game from a few weeks back, which Richard proclaimed was possibly the greatest hipster picture he'd ever seen?). In this new series, we'll offer up one of her pictures (without commentary) for you to enjoy. And we'll strongly encourage you to witness the full photo-shoot on Lawrence.com. This one is from last weekend's Breeders show.


i'll take door number one, monty! said...

That picture is why the "crop" function was invented.

nice one said...

Yeah! It might become less hip, but it would become a lot more attractive.

crime reporter said...

Did they only steal money? Or porn as well?