Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Kickball Coverage: Championship Edition!

Readers, there's no point in talking about anything else today. The Final Four of local kickball gets underway at 5:00 today with the championship game at Hobbs slated for 9:00.

Richard's friends, the EastSiders, have made it to the Final Four and they have spent most of their week in serious training and meditation, refraining from PBR and sexual intercouse to keep their minds and bodies pure for their 5:00 face-off with Pita Pit. Good luck to them.

Richard, on the other hand, has been trying to use their newfound hipster fame to get himself laid ("Sure, I'm good friends with King Tosser and Coatesy. I can probably get you ladies an autograph.").

Oddly enough, Candlepants hasn't found the time to offer his usual commentary on tonight's championship at the official website (presumably because his team is out of the running and he no longer gives a fuck). However, the website does offer this final thought before the great showdowns begin:

"May this season come to a close in a sportsmanlike manner."

We can only imagine this means that the streakers and the Pooh Bear guy should not enter the field DURING the final game, and that the PBR-cannon should not be deliberately fired at anyone's face.

See you at Hobbs.

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