Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hipster Event of the Weekend: North vs. South Music Festival in KC / Also, Weekly Fashion Update!

Larryville let a good thing slip away last year when hipster-legend Mike McCoy's North vs. South Music Festival moved from its former homes at the Replay, Jackpot, and Louise's over to KC (reportedly due to a falling-out between McCoy and the Replay). The festival remains in KC again this year, but local hipsters should seriously consider making the trek over for the annual showdown between Minneapolis and Austin's best hipster bands, especially after reading this description of the band Vampire Squid.

"The prawn-rockers are connoisseurs of WTF styles ranging from psycho punk-jazz to drunken-circus prog. Did we mention that the giant squid mask comes with a giant squid penis? Well, it does." (Pitch).

Chip: "I'd rather bring the music showcase back to Larryville and send the busker festival over to KC. It's easy enough to avoid the bands, but it's hard to escape the buskers."

Richard: "Drunken-circus prog is probably my favorite genre right now, aside from possibly the bleepy-blippy sounds of '8-bit, chiptune, and bitcore' which will be showcased each Thursday at 10:00 on KJHK's new show 'Blip the Universe Forever.'"

Chip: "There's really a genre called 'chiptune?"

Here's the new schedule on a poster designed by Eric Dobbins from Wonder Fair Art Gallery (click to enlarge):


Like all other straight guys, the boys are happy that Project Runway finally returns to television tonight after a long, much-publicized delay. While we wait, let's check in to see what the LC's favorite fashionista is wearing this week: "liquid leggings." Thanks to our friend Beth, we were recently informed of the current trend of 'meggings' (men's leggings), but can men pull off the liquid leggings look?

Katy writes: "I don't know if they're even "in" anymore, but I love the reactions I get when I wear them. It wasn't terribly hot today, and I have fall on the mind, so I finished the look with some moccasin booties."

Chip: "I'd make a 'booties' call, if you catch my meaning."


jenny's stylist said...

I would feel bad to tell Katie that Jenny Lewis pulls off Katie's look much better than Katie...but I'd tell her.

Chip's witty retorts said...

Even so, I'd like a chance to pull the stylish looks off of both these ladies, if you catch my meaning.

(I mean take their clothes off).

jenny has my heart out on loan said...

Chip, any guy can get a girl's clothes off, what's important is what you...wait, scratch that first bit, it's just ridiculous. Clothes off, ladies!

8 bit weapon said...

Panty raid!