Sunday, August 9, 2009

Local Scenester Makes Good! / Sunday Kickball Coverage

Within the glass bubble of Larryville, hipsters are easily tolerated and sometimes even rewarded (usually with a record contract from Rangelife). But sometimes it's hard to imagine how they can exist outside this insulated world.

Yet one hometown boy is popping up all over the place lately, from VH1's World Series of Pop Culture to the finals of the US Air Guitar Championships in Washington D.C. this weekend. Yes, it's Mr. Eric Melin, who you may also know from the band The Dead Girls and his film blog Scene Stealers, which is probably the second best local film blog after Nog On Film:

But the success of one hipster can certainly make others jealous, as we see in marktrail's comment on this recent talkback: "good luck and congrats to him for securing the spotlight, but enough of this guy already. he's already on the cover of the pitch and was on the cover of 37 deadwood editions. write a story about someone who is actually doing something beyond living out teenage fantasies once in a while."

Chip: "Air guitar is a perfect representation of the laziness of local hipsters. They can't even be bothered to learn an instrument that isn't invisible."

And the instrument must be invisible, readers. This is strictly stated in the official rules of the competition, along with the fact that the invisible instrument must be a guitar.


The kickball season is beginning to wind down (aside from the month-long tournament), but it's not too late to catch a match. The game of the week tonight should be interesting: Solidarity (the local anarchists) vs. Lady Lumps. If you've ever seen Solidarity's calendar, you know the anarchists have a penchant for (very unappealing) nudity. Couple that with a team named after titties and a scorching August evening and this match-up brings the season's best chance yet for some naked kickball. See you at Hobb's!

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