Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Boys Consider Local Bicyclists! / The LC's Country Corner is Back!

On the last Friday of each month, Larryville bicyclists (along with those in many other major cities) take to the streets in an event called "Critical Mass," the purpose being to "raise awareness of their presence on local roadways" by...flagrantly disobeying traffic laws and making general asses of themselves. The LJ-World offers a description of yesterday's event: "...after circling the roundabout at the Chi Omega fountain multiple times while motorists sat at a standstill and watched, the pack headed out onto such busy roadways as Iowa, 23rd and Massachusetts streets." A local rider quoted in the article explains his experiences in Larryville: "“You get yelled at a lot. I’ve been shot by paintball guns and all kinds of stuff.”

Chip: "And if they'd cease organizing events such as this I'd put away that paintball gun."


The boys' favorite recent country song is the Zac Brown Band's "Chicken Fried," which contains a chorus that is perhaps the best-yet summation of the boys' personal worldview:

"You know I like my chicken fried
Cold beer on a Friday night
A pair of jeans that fit just right
And the radio up"

While the song seems, at first glance, a relatively simple celebration of life's small pleasures, a later stanza takes a darker turn, with this frightening suggestion that, if we don't kill our enemies, they might take away our fried chicken:

"I thank God for my life
For the stars and stripes
May freedom forever fly, let it ring.
Salute the ones who died
And the ones that gave their lives
So we don’t have to sacrifice
All the things we love
Like our chicken fried"

Chip: "That's more powerful than any ten recruitment speeches right there. The song simultaneously makes me proud to be an American and ravenous for some KFC."

Richard: "Agreed. It makes me wish I had a gun in one hand and a drumstick in the other."

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