Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recent Concert Reviews: Toby Keith/ Also: A Twitter Opera!

Since the Pitch's Wayward Blog opts not to review shows that aren't "hip," we often have to turn to Back To Rockville for a much-needed glimpse into what "real" people are doing in KC while the hipsters are across town swilling PBR at the Czar Bar.

Toby Keith, one of our great patriots, visited the Sprint Center recently and, based on these excerpts, the show sounds fantastic, :

"The main event this evening was preceded by a which Keith and his Ford competed against other musical acts and their trucks in various feats of macho-ness. The other acts were hapless, exaggerated stereotypes: a band that resembled Kiss, a white rapper/rocker, a long-haired granola worshipper."

"He seemed a little tired with "I Love This Bar," but he compensated with the re-written verse that now includes more contemporary terms like "MILFs" and "cougars."

"He applied a local touch: During "Whiskey Girl," he brought out the servers from his local bar-and-grill franchise at Harrah's casino to perform their Daisy Mae/chorus-line routine."

"He [Toby Adkins] and Keith would ride "Courtesy" hard, stopping only to let the crowd shout/sing its best-known (most notorious) line about American supremacy: "We'll stick a boot in your ass / It's the American way."

Chip: "I thought he wasn't going to play 'Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue' and then, bam, there it was, second encore."*

Richard: "It's great to see Keith staying relevant by incorporating 'newer' terms like 'MILF's" and 'cougars' into his old standards. Somone like Bob Dylan could learn something from this. I suggest, 'Lay, sorostitute, lay,' for instance."

*That encore joke is a Simpsons reference for Chip, who hasn't been able to read the blog since the beginning of summer because his parents have forbidden it.


The boys are huge opera fans but how do they feel about the famed Royal Opera Company in London opting to perform an opera whose storyline is dictated entirely by submitted Twitter messages in an effort to attract a new audience. According to the director of the House's contemporary program:

"At the end of act 1, scene 1, our hero had been kidnapped by a flock of birds and is in a tower awaiting rescue," Duthie said. "That feels extremely operatic, people are really getting into the story line." There is also a talking cat. (from the AP).

Chip: "Almost certainly it will be better than any normal opera. I'm going to tweet some fart jokes for them, perhaps for the climax of the piece."



No Toby Keith Opera? said...

Opera plots and lyrics are notoriously bad. I don't think the average twitterer could do worse. A talking cat and fart jokes would certainly be an improvement. Most times the music isn't so great either.

Opera Man said...

Remember me? Adam Sandler's finest moments?