Monday, August 10, 2009

Richard Returns to the Kickball Scene / Also: The Boys' Increasingly Popular Fashion Segment!

Readers, you may not have noticed yet, but the LC is back in session and has been for two days. Did we have a good vacation? Why, yes, thank you for asking. Richard spent several days down South, banging his way through a succession of southern belles so outrageously nubile that they made Larryville sorostitutes look like...the cast of More to Love (Chip wrote that joke). And what of Chip? Actually, he took a "staycation" (a word recently added to your trusty Merriam-Webster), remaining in town to exhibit his prize-winning goat at the Douglas County Fair ("She's just a real sweet goat and I think you'd all enjoy meeting her.").

Anyway, back to business. Last night, Richard decided the time had come for him to return to Larryville's kickball subculture after avoiding it for the entire season because he felt it had gotten too hip for its own good ("too big for it's britches"--Chip), drifting away from the beauty of the sport in favor of drunken excess and pure hipster spectacle. Taking his seat at a crowded Hobbs, Richard witnessed, in short order, a streaker and a staged riot on second base between the anarchists' team and the Lady Lumps. Richard's companion Brian, a local Francophile with a storied history on the Larryville scene, was able to enlighten Richard on the background of most of the players and the audience ("That dude is banned for life from the Replay and that one fucked a blonde in the bathroom at the TapRoom."). After the show (sorry, after the match), Richard asked several people in the crowd, all of whom had been cheering wildly throughout, a very simple question: Who won? None of them could answer.

The greatest moment of the evening, however, came when the LC's favorite fashionista, Ms. Katy Seib.l, sashayed in and took a seat near Richard. You can't tell it's her from this blurry photo, readers, but it's totally her! Look at those shoes! Sadly, she disappeared into the kickball crowd before Richard could approach her and frighten her by telling her how much he loved her blog.


Speaking of Katy, her Kansas Couture blog has become the boys' go-to source for what's hot this season. In a recent post, she explains that she is currently "digging the marching band / military trend in jackets, especially now that fall is just around the corner."

Chip: "I can dig the 'marching band' look on her and easily imagine her saying 'This one time, at band camp...'"

Richard: "Stop right there, Chip! We've almost met this girl. Don't quote the American Pie line!"

Chip: "Actually, I saw the film on TBS and they cut off the end of that line. Was it something raunchy?

The boys aren't sure if they'll be donning military jackets in the classroom this fall, but one thing is certain: meggings (men's leggings) are very hot right now. Thanks to Beth for sending us a nice article from New York Fashion about how "meggings have been pouring into the streets of New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo since last year. Men wear them year-round as a fun way to practice layering, mix up everyday proportions, and stay warm."

Chip: "I'm going to wear them under a pair of khaki shorts and top it off with a nice hooded sweatshirt."

Richard: "I'm going to wear them while teaching Intro to Drama because I think it will provide a new freedom of movement that's useful when I perform scenes for the students."


still bitter said...

Don't loan the anarchists your kickball!

fashion (girl) watcher said...

I can tell Nog's pretty excited to meet this girl--the photo is blurry from his trembling hand! I'll have to take your word that it's her.

Military jackets were supposed to be one of the big trends last fall. Thrifters might have good luck finding them this year.

fashionable said...

I was so excited I had to pass the camera to someone else for the photo!

But you're telling me that she's a year behind the curve in her fashion picks?

euphemismer said...

Maybe her fashion is "timeless."

Or maybe it's one of those things that takes a couple years to really catch on.

billy shears said...

"Men wear them year-round as a fun way to practice layering, mix up everyday proportions, and stay warm."

In the parlance of the kids nowadays, FAIL! The ridiculousness of the preceding statement is almost so ludicrous that it's gone plaid.

Remember who got picked on the most in high school? Yep, the band kids ("bandos," "band geeks," "band nerds," "fucking losers," etc.). So I could definitely see how their uniform fashion choices would be hitting the mainstream. Sweet. Now I can finally pull my Sgt. Pepper's outfit out of storage!

everyday proportions said...

I'm not even sure what it means.

But I do need practice on my layering!

Anonymous said...

When did this place become a ladies home journal?

bored horny housewife said...

The boys are wisely going after a new audience!