Saturday, August 22, 2009

Larryville Busker Fest (Day One Recap) / Plus, Look Who's Twittering Now: Nick Collison Edition!

As the Busker Fest kicked into high gear, Richard and company were serenaded by the Two Man Gentleman Band's tunes about the Hindenberg, "reefer," the economic policies of Adam Smith, and "fancy beer." Despite Chip's warnings, their pockets were not picked, and they ended up at Harbour Lights where a man in a chicken suit invited them on a pub crawl on an upcoming Saturday to raise money for the local humane society. Richard, scared of urban chickens (particularly talking ones), did not commit. Later, a young woman named Cory joined them at a booth to explain why it was okay for certain "well-read" women to enjoy the Twilight series. Since Richard didn't know her well, he managed to restrain himself from asking if she had yet purchased a "Vamp." (to get this joke, we refer you to yesterday's blog).


Larryvillians fondly remember local basketball hero Nick Collison, who now plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team ("Never heard of 'em." --Richard). Collison was recently taken to task on an OKC sports radio show for a series of tweets in which he complained about Oklahoma weather while extolling the many joys of his off-season home in Seattle.

Chip: "Despite the LJ-World's prominent editorial on this issue, it seems like a non-story. Plus, everyone knows that the best basketball-related Twitter feed belongs to Sherron C.llins. That guy has a lot of hilarious anecdotes about whipping his dick out on elevators."

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