Thursday, August 13, 2009

The LC's Weekend Picks: Sci-Fi, Sorostitutes, and Kickball!

The weekend approaches, readers, and there are several major events to consider.

1) Local fanboys are in line as we speak for Neil Blomkamp's gory sci-fi allegory District 9, although many of the discussions you hear in line are likely to be looking ahead to December, when James Cameron's supposed 3-D masterwork Avatar will hit theaters and (in the parlance of on-line fanboys) "fuck our eyeballs." Here's an internet talkback post from a geek who's seen some advance Avatar footage:

"Boys and girls, you will be amazed by this movie. It's not just blue man-cats walking around looking at flowers. It's giant ferocious alien beasts thrashing through giant trees chasing around the man-cat. It's man-cat trying to mount a freaking dragon. It's man-cat falling in love with REAL EYES, not DEAD EYES."

2) For those of you more prone to getting laid than to watching alien shrimp creatures wreak havoc, a fresh crop of sweet ass moves into KU dorms on Sunday. The boys plan to partake of their annual tradition: watching the proceedings from behind some nearby shrubbery and rating the ladies on Chip's patented "nubility scale" with a one meaning "I'd say hello to her at Quinton's sometime" to a ten meaning "I won't rest easy till I bang her in the Chi Omega Fountain."

3) And, finally, something for the hipsters. The kickball tournaments kick off (!) this weekend and brackets can be downloaded at Richard, of course, is supporting the team with the most readers of his blog (Eastsiders! two readers!), but after witnessing the beautiful play of the anarchists and Lady Lumps last weekend we can't rule out the possibility of a real Cinderella story taking shape in Larryville.

Here are a few photos of that game (click to enlarge) from A. Ruscin at and we strongly encourage you to go there and look at the full photo-spread, which will simultaneously make you feel like you were there and thank your lucky stars that you were not!


Anonymous said...

Wwhether this means to be funny or not, I think you should know that some women who stumble on it do not like to be labeled as sorostitutes or sweet ass by a 40 year old pervert.

i'm a misandrist, so don't blame me! said...

Uh-oh, Chroniclers, it appears your misogynistic satire has been unearthed by someone utterly not in the mood for...misogynistic satire!

Kickball once confused me. Now it frightens me.

satirist said...

Yeah, it's fun to be taken to task by anonymous readers.

How does one "stumble upon" a blog that's not listed in Google searches?

Also, I'm a 35 year old pervert. Chip is younger.

while we're at it said...

I can't believe a dangerous right-wing extremist like Colbert gets a show on the Comedy Channel?

i'm with anonymous! said...

Nor do I appreciate the way you talk about "hipsters"! We are real people, not objects or stereotypes to be mocked behind the curtain of a blog written by losers with ridiculous pseudonyms like "N.ggle" and "Chip". If I had the time, my response would be a much more angry and rambling, but I have better things to do with my time than read this crap. I have a kickball tournament game and I have to start putting on my makeup, getting my PBR on ice, and ironing my bunny costume. Death bluegrass at the Replay afterwards, if anyone is interested!

an offended artist said...

I too have been made to feel inferior by this blog. I worked for hours (literally, hours) cutting and pasting a series of collages together for people to enjoy while drinking PBR and I feel as if Richard and Chip's snarky comments are unfair. It's not like they make anything themselves and offer their art up to an uncomprehending public.

Barton Fink said...

"I tried to show you something beautiful. Something that was about all of us."