Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Downtown Lawrence Human Bingo Game! / Also: This Week in Henry Brothers' News offers a new idea to make your downtown excursions more interesting: human bingo, in which you garner points for spotting Larryville's most famous local characters (and other things). Here are a few on the list:

1 Dennis (the guy that carries around kids toys and dresses like a kid)

2 Peace Rob (the guy that dresses 60s style! dont forget to give him the peace sign back!)

3 Maraca Lady (extra points if she can keep a beat!)

4 Simon NOT asleep outside replay (Thats my dillons guy, blanketman, etc)

5 Honk For Hemp (mostly on saturday nights and sundays)

6 White Owl or his car

7 Walking Pipe man (older white guy that walks up and down the street smoking a pipe)

8 Balloon Man

9 Sax Man

41) Wendell (small, tanned 60-ish man with a limp, who often wears a panama-esque cowboy hat. He's really friendly, and often sits in front of the Red Lion. Or Aimee's, or Henry's... )

Richard: "I think the list should also include '40 year old pervert dude' (me) and 'guy in Ottawa Tennis shirt' (Chip).


With KU's football season mere weeks away and a big 12 North title looking like a legitimate possiblity, the LJ-World sports pages are, of course, maintaining an unwavering focus's basketball (Self has a beard!) and specifically on the Henry brothers, who finally arrived in town earlier this week after a long summer of "maybe we will and maybe we won't."

In this new series, the LC will try to synthesize some of the most important information gleaned from the LJ-World and local message boards.

--Xavier owns a "wooden warrior necklace" and you can see a picture of it in today's paper.

--CJ is not interested in dating. Sure, one might expect a 23 year old millionaire in a Range Rover living away from the dorms in an off-campus pad to bang his way through most of the student population, but he tells the LJ-World that everything besides basketball and homework is "nothing to me."

--After finally settling on Kansas, Xavier is completely confident in his decision: "Even if it's not the place, this is the place so it has to be the place....Nothing's happened to tell me it's not the place." (LJ-World).


is sax man the same as flute man? said...

That's the kind of self-confident talk that's going to take Xavier far!

(Possibly. I think. Maybe not. Now I'm not so sure. Never mind.)

flautist said...

Same dude, and should know that his name is Dan Kozak. Check out his collaborations with local one-man band This Is My Condition.

Pet Clark said...

I know a place where the music if fine and the lights are always low . . . the Replay.