Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ukuleles, Women's Undergarments, and Cougars!

We've reported before on the growing trend of hipster bands using unconventional (and silly) instruments such as ukuleles.* On the local scene, it's perhaps best personified by adorable indie songstress Hawley Shoffner, who likes the instrument for its affordability, which allows her to mix and match instruments and outfits, as she has claimed in interviews. On the national scene, a prominent ukulele player of the moment is Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulule, who makes a stop at the Jackpot tonight. says: "If Dent May didn't play ukulele, he'd probably be a lounge singer aboard an island cruise."

Richard: "I was going to make a similar joke but beat me to the snarkiness!"

Watch a wonderful video of Dent May in today's sidebar.

{* Toy guitars are also very hip, as witnessed in the band Micachu and the Shapes. Rolling Stone gives their album Jewellery (yes, that's how it's spelled) four stars and calls the lead singer "an instant punk heroine, thanks to that adorable guitar." their video in the sidebar]


Readers, have you ever been to Basehor, Kansas? Aside from the town's name, which reminds the boys of prostitutes, there's rarely been a reason to visit. But a new museum exhibit called "Victorian Secret" may just change that: the exhibit presents the history of women's undergarments. In today's LJ-World piece, the museum director says: "We were really excited to get it."

Chip: "By excited, I assume they mean 'boner-inducing' and this certainly sounds a hell of a lot better than all these tree-related art exhibits that Larryville insists on giving us. I've spent many a pleasant evening with my right hand, a bottle of wine, and a Victoria's Secret catalogue, so I may well take a drive over to Basehor and learn about how we got from the corset to the thong."


All this is well and good, but some of you are no doubt wondering: What happened on "The Cougar" last week? The show continues to reinforce lessons that the boys have learned painfully over the years. Last week Stacey booted out the cub who tenderly professed his love for her (too soon, too phony) and kept the one who removed his shirt, tossed her roughly on the bed, and made out with her (until the commercial break).

Chip: "Women say they want true love, but what they really want is to be bent over the ice bar and called dirty names. Wait, no, I'm not thinking about women. I'm thinking about Quinton's waitresses."

The show is down to six cubs now and, with Lost entering reruns for the summer, none of you geeks have a reason to miss it!

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