Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Boys Go Morel Hunting! / Plus, Today's Art Pick / Also, Stop Day Eve!

That's a false headline, readers. The boys are not really out hunting for morels. Like kickball and community gardening, morel hunting is an activity largely reserved for East Side eccentrics. Yes, during a brief stint in the spring, you can find most Eastsiders--and a few wannabe "foodies"--scouring local fields for the tasty little mushrooms that they love so well. Nancy, a Free State Brewery regular, Eastside resident, and new reader of the blog, recently lamented to Richard: "There's just no downtime between morel season and kickball season. First I'm a morel widow; then I'm a kickball widow." But is this activity being co-opted, like everything else in Larryville, by hipsterism. Perhaps. A recent article offers tips on hunting morels, and the KJHK twitter feed offers this recent post: "Just ate my 1st morel ever. Amazing. Perfect." Don't be surprised if you show up at the Replay one of these warm spring evenings and find the patrons washing down morels with PBR.

Chip: "I'm sure the only kinds of mushrooms you'll find at the Replay are 'magic' mushrooms."


An intriguing art installation is occuring on campus at the Spencer today:

"Several professional, tether-trained animals will munch away on fresh spring grass as part of Shanghai-based artist Wang Tiande’s Up/Down project" (

Richard: "I get so tired of 'amateur' animals and their poor grazing skills. It will be nice to see how the pros do it."


Sure, Christmas is nice and all, but the boys' favorite holiday occurs tonight: Stop Day Eve!

Chip: " Stop Day in the spring is far better than Stop Day in the Fall because the warm weather means that the sorostitutes are already half-undressed. It takes a long time in December to strip away those layers of gloves and scarves and shit, but in the spring we can just kick off our flip-flops and get down to business."


pussy lover said...

While a big fan of today's update (Stop Day reporting...perhaps some eyewitness accounts and pics tomorrow?!), where is The Cougar update? How else am I supposed to find out what happened to my favorite oversexed cougar and her litter of bobcats?! More feline-themed content!

duly noted said...

Week Four of "The Cougar" and not a single bobcat has gotten laid. Is this woman a cougar, or isn't she?

(full report coming this weekend)

foxy lady! said...

Are you sure Vivica FOX hasn't bedded some of our frisky suitors in the interim?