Saturday, May 16, 2009

Richard and Dr. X Meet a Drunken Geek at Dempsey's and Chip Watches a Quirky Parade!

With its new gourmet chef and preposterous menu items such as "duck fat french fries," Dempsey's Irish Pub has gone from a dead-in-the-water bar to a packed local phenomenon in the matter of a few months. And that means the boys have to hang out there if they want to be hip, which they do. But does the place tend to attract an unusually large number of geeky comic-book guys, for some reason? As soon as Richard and special-guest Dr. X claimed a spot at the crowded bar last night they were accosted by an extremely drunken fellow primed for today's Comic-Con. He made them this offer: "I'll buy you beers all night if you listen to my comic storylines." It was an intriguing offer, and the boys considered it seriously but soon became a bit scared when the offers suddenly progressed to: "Why don't you come over to my place and hang out and just talk about X-Men for awhile?" Readers, we just weren't ready for that kind of committment, so after a protracted discussion at the bar of this fellow's new comic series called "The Aero-nauts" ("You think I'm a loser, don't you, but this shit is better than Star Wars!"), their new companion turned his attention to a young woman who simply wanted to order a burger but instead found herself hearing a pitch for a new Superman series. But was all the awkwardness worth it for a basket of sweet potato fries? Sure. Why not.

[You may be saying to yourself, "Hold on. Aren't the boys comic-book geeks themselves?" Well, yes, but they don't self-identify as such, perhaps because of their extreme handsomeness or their wide knowledge of hipster-literature by Jonathan Franzen and Michael Chabon].


Today's downtown Art Tougeau parade brought its usual array of freaks on wheels. Here's a shot from the event (click to enlarge):

Chip: "In Larryville, we applaud this sort of behavior. In Forttt Scottt, we arrest it."


thought i was cool enough... said...

Okay, that picture is just fucking weird. What's happening in that picture is just fucking weird. Fucking weird. I'd comment on the rest of the informative and witty post, but that picture is just too fucking weird.

trophy committee said...

I believe it won a prize during the Replay awards ceremony!